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Saturday 08/01/15

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF: New name (O), Interupted (A, BM), The Awakening (A, BM)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Human): Protein powder (BM)

Chapter(s) added to The Magic Shop: messing around with magic (AR, AP, BM, S, TG, O)

Friday 07/31/15
Chapter(s) added to Chronivac Version 4.0: Ohh I'm a dick (BM, I), Ass-hole (BM), Ass-hole (BM), Jeremy grows up with a dick named Jeff (BM, I), CRAP (O), Cock face (O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF: Mermaid fun (BM, O), Dad Bods (AP, BM), Corporal Colby (AP, BM)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Human): Diapers (O), Ashley (O)

Chapter(s) added to Pleasure Island: She knows your secret (A, BM, S, O)

Chapter(s) added to The Magic Shop: tatum and the magic shop and a odd owner (O), No Choice (O), Turns out this collar does more (S), Turns out this collar does more (S), Turns out this collar does more (S), A change and a antidote (A, BM, S, O), The Inanimation Necklace (I), Claws for alarm... Sorry... (A), Wrong place at the wrong time. (A, AP, TG), ring ring mrero (hello) (O)

Chapter(s) added to The Vials: A life less ordinary (O), Mary makes her choice (O), Mary's adventure begins (A), The changes continue, but she still wants more (A), A distraction that becomes a friend (O), Another new friend (A), An unexpected change (A), Emma's ulterior motive (O)

Chapter(s) added to Transform or Dare?: the horny little fox is not too smart (A, BM, S, O), New mother (AR, TG), Jen to Gwen: immortal hottie/slave/wife (BM), Oh Fuck. (O), Never Mind the Field Trip (A), A horny horse girl gets a phone call (O)

Chapter(s) added to Ty's Power: Epilogue (BM)

Thursday 07/30/15
Chapter(s) added to CYOTF: Huh? (O), Slobby Girlfriend (O), Chad's perspective (I), This is too much! I'm getting out of here! (O), Sharing is Caring (AP, BM), She turns into a zentai suit (I, O), Trying to cope. (BM)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Animal): Wolf (A), Arriving at the Resort (O), A Mythological Experience (O), Communing with Nature (BM), Three Nymphs (BM), A Dream Come True (A), Joining the Pack (A)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Human): Johnny became Jessica (AR, AP, I), Another one bites the dust (BM, O), Simon gets shaved (AP), The mind and body training begins! (AP)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (New): Bear (A, BM), A young girl (O)

Chapter(s) added to The Magic Shop: A life slipping away (AR, O), four sixteen year old girls (O), a magic stone (O), After School (TG)

Chapter(s) added to The Vials: Not exactly what she wanted (O), Fighting with herself (A, BM, S, O), Desire fulfilled? The changes begin (A, BM, S)

Chapter(s) added to Transform or Dare?: Meow (A)

Wednesday 07/29/15
Chapter(s) added to Chronivac Version 4.0: Waken up into new life (O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF: Johnny drives to Chad's house, he's got a date with Chad's brother Chaz (I), Your fat skunk girlfriend (A, BM, S, O), Boob Job (BM), Sex Swap (TG), More Mature (BM), But not quite the way the marines did (O), Belle, the Harpy Fledgling (A, AR)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Animal): Trust No One (O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Human): the babyfied family (AR), the babyfied family (AR), Just an Old Bottle of Tequila (AP)

Chapter(s) added to It began when I made her clothes disappear: Mommy-wife (BM, S)

Chapter(s) added to Mad Science: A damsel or a dragon? (A, BM, S), Brendon tries to help (A, BM, S)

Chapter(s) added to Pleasure Island: Lost in the Gator Swamp (A)

Chapter(s) added to The Magic Shop: Mix things up a little (BM, TG, O), Back in Charge. (TG, O), Escapism Branch (O)

Chapter(s) added to The Ointment Store: She becomes a strange living featureless and faceless mannequin (BM, I)

Chapter(s) added to Transform or Dare?: Sam is molded like play-doh (BM, I, S, TG, O)

Transformation Types Letter Key: A=Animal, AR=Age Regression, AP=Age Progression, BM=Body Modification (Muscle, Features, Etc.), I=Inanimate, S=Size (Shrinking, Growing), TG=Transgender, O=Other

Chapters added in:

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