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Wednesday 10/22/14

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF: Oracle... (O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Human): a couple of shots (AP, BM, S, TG, O), The Reception gets a little funny (BM, S, O)

Chapter(s) added to The Magic Shop: hormone store (O), a switch in the siblings (AR, AP, BM, S, O), aunt millie (AR, AP, BM, S, O), at dinner (AR, AP, BM, S, O), during the night (AR, AP, BM, S, O), during the night still (AR, AP, BM, S, O), over the next few days (AR, AP, BM, S, O)

Chapter(s) added to Transform or Dare?: Not so neighborly... (BM, S, O), Itty Bitty Titti Committee (I, S)

Tuesday 10/21/14
Chapter(s) added to Chronivac Version 4.0: Jeff becomes a pair of Fire boots (BM, I, S)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF: A wrecked wagon. (O), A new friend (O), A new love (BM), Grounded (O), Mother/Daughter talk (O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Human): Alexis the fuckbuddy (BM), Humanoid character's traits on screen can be stolen from (AR, AP, BM, S, TG, O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (New): CYOTF #2 O

Chapter(s) added to Mad Science: Mad Science O

Chapter(s) added to The Magic Shop: More changes for Mary (AR, O), Two kids at the beach (O), He reads the spell (BM, I, S, O), Latex Anthros - Another team in the Synthetic Football League (A, BM, I, TG, O)

Chapter(s) added to The Vials: Forced between mosquito and human (A, BM, S)

Chapter(s) added to Transformationet: Pet Brother (O)

Monday 10/20/14
Chapter(s) added to CYOTF: Damie and the beautiful mare. (O), Stardust the anthro warrior mare (A, BM, O), Whaaaaaaaa? (O), One little favour (AR), Laying an Egg to Grow Your Colony... (O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Human): Yourself & your brother into your sisters breasts (O), dog years are a real thing (AR, AP, BM, S)

Chapter(s) added to It began when I made her clothes disappear: Playtime for Myong (TG)

Chapter(s) added to The Magic Shop: One thing leads to another (BM, TG), Latex Anthros - Apologizes (A, TG), Kelly's adjustment (O), Latex Anthros - A proper apology, and revelations (O), The wrong decision (BM, TG), Latex Anthros - Rubbering up the party (A, BM, I)

Chapter(s) added to The Zoo: You're a woman, now what? (TG, O)

Chapter(s) added to Transform or Dare?: Mirror, Mirror... (O), jennifer is clever (BM, TG)

Sunday 10/19/14
Chapter(s) added to CYOTF: Don the mask... (BM), Trenchcoat wrap up. (O), Transformations Class (A, O), Horse Lessons (O), Magus's prisoner. (O), The first volunteer. (A, BM, S, O), A meeting to decide their fate (A), Hypnotized (A), Jurassic High (O), Wolves (A), She chooses you (A, BM), In bed with a kangaroo (O), finding out about your mother (AP, BM, S, TG, O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Human): Jt (AR, BM), The Fairy Lowdown (O), Christine goes to Stephen (O)

Chapter(s) added to Pleasure Island: The further change (BM, TG)

Chapter(s) added to The Magic Shop: ointment aisle (O), changes day one (BM, S, O), changes day 2 (BM, S, O), More changes (O), changes day 7 (BM, I, S, O), sisters reunited (AP), preteen Kelly (AR), Latex Anthros - Going to face friends (A, BM, I, O), A college football lineman (BM, I, S, O)

Chapter(s) added to The Vials: Getting pregnant (BM, O), Fairy Mary (BM, S, O)

Chapter(s) added to The Zoo: You're a kangaroo now. (A, BM)

Chapter(s) added to Ty's Power: Ty makes the guy MASSIVE (BM, S)

Transformation Types Letter Key: A=Animal, AR=Age Regression, AP=Age Progression, BM=Body Modification (Muscle, Features, Etc.), I=Inanimate, S=Size (Shrinking, Growing), TG=Transgender, O=Other

Chapters added in:

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