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Wednesday 09/02/15

Chapter(s) added to Chronivac Version 4.0: Going to the Skatepark (O)

Tuesday 09/01/15
Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Human): Chicken walk outside (O), The New Witness Protection Program (AR, AP, BM, TG), Simon cools down, but his friend walks in (AP)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (New): Sucking more than a man's nipple now (AP, BM, TG), Goat Hunting (BM, S, O), You are angry and you wish karma on Kyle... Coincidentally, he does get karma. (BM, I, S, O), Evan forgets about his situation for a minute (A, AP, BM, TG), Damon changes into a dragon. (A, O), The hunter becomes the hunted (A, AP, BM, S, TG), Your best friend going camping (BM, I, O), Matching bottom to go with the top (A, AP, S, TG), An Introduction to the 100 Magical Bondage Arts (O), Initial Contact (O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (PG-13): vampiric (O), time for change (O), enter the moat (BM)

Chapter(s) added to Transform or Dare?: ooh (O)

Chapter(s) added to Ty's Power: Dustin's first (TG), Mark wants a doggy treat (A), Transform or dare (A, O)

Monday 08/31/15
Chapter(s) added to CYOTF: Poor Jade is his first test subject. What to turn her into? (O), I am not property! (A, BM, O), Runt gets practical (O), A different future (AR, BM, S, O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Human): Shrinking (S), Magic (BM, TG), Jon's new life (O), his punishment (AR, O), Never leave your toys out in the open (BM, S), Itchy balls triggers a change (AP, BM)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (New): A size changing mattress (BM, I, S, O), Reconizing the giant Prince. (S, O), Smashing the statue (I, O), Oh no, it's Kyle's van! (I), Damon changes into a big troll (BM, I, S, O), Rocky Bolder (BM, I, S, O), I am Prince Damon (I, S, O), From giant trolls to giant frogs (A, BM, I, O), Kyle's money making scheme (I, S), From trolls to frogs (A, BM, I, S), Watching The Other Customers (A, AR, AP, BM, S, TG, O), Free Roam Change (O)

Chapter(s) added to Transform or Dare?: The new Miss Big Tits (BM, S, O)

Chapter(s) added to Ty's Power: Now the boys get something special too (BM, TG), Fun (O), Life as a Peasant Boy (AR, O), Diapered Tricia (O), Teacher bimbo (O), Cow girl Brenda (A), Lil' cutie Dustin (A, S), A Whole New World (BM)

Sunday 08/30/15
Chapter(s) added to A Game of Change: Lookin' Good (BM), Strip (BM, O), In a Jiffy (BM, O), Orders (O), Pay in Triplicate (AP)

Chapter(s) added to Chronivac Version 4.0: Taking Over the Other (BM, I), Ripple Effect (BM, S)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF: Baby Baby Baby (AR), Everything okay, John-John? Chaz calls through the bathroom door (I, O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Human): A Bad Day at School(Revised) (BM, S), All Alone (O), Maybe (TG)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (New): Damie the Princess (BM, TG), Sleeping Bag? Well, it's outdoor furniture, I guess (I, S), Damon the giant prince [alternate] (BM, S), The quest to slay the minotaur (O), Dealing with the minotaur baby (A, BM, TG, O), Giant Damon Loses (S)

Chapter(s) added to It began when I made her clothes disappear: Meet Ruby, Joey's little sister (AP, BM, S), Whos many now? (S), Meet Joey's Mother (BM, S), From bad to worse (BM, S), The most attractive girls in school (BM, S), Heidi's fantasy come true? (TG)

Chapter(s) added to The Magic Shop: Rainbow Girls! (AR, BM, TG), The Transformation (A), "Cursed book, huh? Riiight..." (O), The milking (O), Meet Jack (O), Robin's loss is Morgan's gain (S)

Chapter(s) added to The Vials: Mary's evil hippo plan (A, AR), Another hippo for birthing (A, AR), Mary's roomate to the rescue? (A), Faye realizes her mistake (A, S), Too late for Faye (A, S), Name her Anna (AP, O)

Transformation Types Letter Key: A=Animal, AR=Age Regression, AP=Age Progression, BM=Body Modification (Muscle, Features, Etc.), I=Inanimate, S=Size (Shrinking, Growing), TG=Transgender, O=Other

Chapters added in:

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