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Sunday 04/20/14

Chapter(s) added to A Game of Change: Race for the Crown- A Dark Turn (AR, BM, TG, O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Original): Can't breath as a shark! (A), Seeing your appendage (A, BM), Caught with your pants down (A), Daring Space Adventures - Follow your nose... or your antennae at any rate. (A, TG, O), Recovering his humanity (I, O), Daring Space Adventures - In the Wrong Place at the Right Time (O), Daring Space Adventures - Pheremones are a hell of a drug. (O)

Chapter(s) added to It began when I made her clothes disappear: Black Dragon Riding (O)

Chapter(s) added to The Virus Escapes: They just can't stop expanding (BM)

Saturday 04/19/14
Chapter(s) added to A Game of Change: Double or nothing (O), A horny mouth (BM, O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Age, Swap, Muscle, Size, TG): Skip strength testing, make out instead (TG, O), Woman no more (TG, O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Animal): Chakat Virus - The Eminent end of the Outbreaks Approaches (O), Chakat Virus - A Firsssssssssssssssst Date (O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Original): Meeting Ms. Edith (BM, TG, O), Getting a Taste of Life as Danielle (AR, S, TG), Going over the agenda (AR, S, TG), hard choice (I), Going as Elizabeth. (O), going out on a limb (I), Solving the maze (O), Wish gone tails (AR), Daring Space Adventures - Skinny Dipping, Interrupted. (O), Daring Space Adventures - Bee-ing a Bee, just bee-cause. (O), Criminal fighting (O), Damon lose his humanity (I), model brother (I, TG), The crash (O), Another transformation is in order! (O), the real story (O), Car-woman (I), Daring Space Adventures - Abducted yet again! (TG, O)

Chapter(s) added to It began when I made her clothes disappear: Pleasant Family Shopping? (O)

Chapter(s) added to Transform or Dare?: Turning Tables on the Table-Turner (BM, O)

Friday 04/18/14
Chapter(s) added to A Game of Change: Feeding Jan (O), Jan becomes gay (O)

Chapter(s) added to Chronivac Version 4.0: Jeffrok the Barbarian (AP, BM, S, O), Animated Vacation: Police Babe (BM, TG, O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Animal): Foxy (O), Chakat Virus - Placing the Pieces (O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Original): Soaring Sarah of the Air (BM), Double or nothing (BM, TG, O), merlovers (BM), Daring Space Adventures - Now with more daring adventures! (TG, O), A boy no more. (TG, O), Consulting the wizard. (O), Damon disguises as a Elizabeth (TG, O)

Thursday 04/17/14
Chapter(s) added to A Game of Change: Jan is the bonus prize! (BM), ... Whaaaat? (O), Fiery locks (BM, S)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Age, Swap, Muscle, Size, TG): The tub becomes a pool (S)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Animal): Bobby (O), Chakat Virus - Old Neighbors and New Lives... (O), One month later (A), Chakat Virus - The Fermosa Triangle (O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Original): Mental transformation (O), Hypnosis (O), John's brainwashed (O), Returning to the witch's house. (O), Tiger Daze (A), What just happenned? (A), Man outside, Beast Inside (A), Back to being a man (A), There's more to the spell (A), The tiger of the family (A), Damon and Elizabeth and the Witch Deal (I, O)

Transformation Types Letter Key: A=Animal, AR=Age Regression, AP=Age Progression, BM=Body Modification (Muscle, Features, Etc.), I=Inanimate, S=Size (Shrinking, Growing), TG=Transgender, O=Other

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