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Friday 11/21/14

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF: The Link Effect (BM), Chris begins to get more equipment, I mean guys, for the gym (BM, S, O), sppok tacular! (O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Animal): The Pig King can Fly (A, O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Human): Little sis is home (AP)

Chapter(s) added to It began when I made her clothes disappear: What the hell happened? (BM, TG), The Morning (BM, TG), The New Perths: From Restaurant to Barn (A)

Chapter(s) added to Mad Science: Learning more (BM, O)

Chapter(s) added to The Magic Shop: Claudia joins them (AR, O), Little green lass (S, TG), Round Five (A)

Chapter(s) added to Ty's Power: Solving Aaron's Problems (A, AR, BM, O), Mike or Aaron? (O), Long-term childhood (AR, O)

Thursday 11/20/14
Chapter(s) added to Chronivac Version 4.0: What can a baby do? (O)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF: Chris wants just a little more size......150 pounds later (BM, S, O), The Bad Touch (BM)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Animal): The Mistress' New Toy (A, BM)

Chapter(s) added to CYOTF (Human): A well trained team (AR, S)

Chapter(s) added to It began when I made her clothes disappear: The New Perths discuss certain matters over Dinner (O), More Changes, Less Clothes (BM, S, TG), The Night Concludes (BM, S, TG)

Chapter(s) added to Mad Science: she goes in the huge machine (O), little girl going through puberty (AP, BM, S, O), Harry tries the body part changer (BM, O)

Chapter(s) added to The Magic Shop: Round Four (A), Mika's regression (AR, S), Samantha's regression (AR)

Chapter(s) added to Transform or Dare?: Her Hidden Harness Feature (O), In the bus (A)

Wednesday 11/19/14
Chapter(s) added to CYOTF: Trainer has some more fun, quarterback learns how to grapple (BM, I, S, O)

Chapter(s) added to It began when I made her clothes disappear: Tracking the Changes (BM, TG)

Chapter(s) added to Pleasure Island: Meeting the parents and other donkeys. (O)

Chapter(s) added to The Arcade: A burning delight (A, BM, O)

Chapter(s) added to The Magic Shop: Round One (A), Round Two (A), Round Three (A)

Chapter(s) added to The Vials: Fur (A)

Chapter(s) added to Transform or Dare?: Brotherly Love (A, BM, S, O)

Transformation Types Letter Key: A=Animal, AR=Age Regression, AP=Age Progression, BM=Body Modification (Muscle, Features, Etc.), I=Inanimate, S=Size (Shrinking, Growing), TG=Transgender, O=Other

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