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Cervine, what's that?

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added on 12/18/03 14:10

Jeff looked over the extensive list of animal types. He went up and down before his eyes landed on "Cervine".

"What the heck is a Cervine?" he asked himself.

He clicked on that, but the page that came up simply listed time of transformation, unlike most of the other transformation types. There was a note at the top of the page, though: This section is under development and will be updated in the next version. It is fully functional in "random" mode, however.

Jeff frowned, but was very curious. He checked the help file for random and noted that it completely randomized the type of cervine, the age, effect on reality, level of human intelligence and even location. He could still set the time function, though.

Curious, he set the machine to "10 minutes" and took a deep breath. He hit the start button and waited to see what would happen.

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat at first. Standing, he suddenly realized that he'd grown a short tail! He went to lower his pants when he discovered his fingers were getting shorter, looking more and more like narrow hooves. Only a few moments passed before he felt his nose push out into a muzzle, and the weight of a set of antlers growing onto his head.

The transformation stopped abruptly. Jeff took a mental note that he still remembered who and what he really was, the transformation hadn't changed that. He was also definitly a deer, now he knew what a cervine was. He couldn't tell what type exactly, but it hardly mattered. He'd be human again in a few minuntes.

He explored this fine bucks body as the clock ticked away, feeling a bit upset that he'd been locked in his room like this rather than in the wild. This was a body that wanted to run!

Just as quickly as it started, the transformation started to recede. It was with more than a little disapointment that he felt the body he was wearing vanish to be replaced by his normal teenage self.

He went back to the computer again and thought about it. He loved the way that body felt, and would love to try it for a few days. He couldn't be sure he'd be the same deer, but something similar. If he left the doors open, he could even get into the woods behind his house.

What do you do now?

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