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Body Swap Story

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added by scriptboy on 09/17/03 16:55

Ty’s Power – Body Swap Story – by scriptboy – inspired by the body swap group

Body Swap Story

It was Wednesday evening, around 10 o’clock at night. Keith had to go to the grocery store and buy some aspirin. He wore a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals, since he only planned on buying one thing and he hoped to be in and out of the store in five minutes. His headaches were recurring more often these days, and he was wondering which type, size, and brand to buy. He has been working long hours and dealing with many patients in the hospital. At 41 years-old, the 5’11” man began to feel tired and burned out. The hospital was seriously understaffed and he was feeling more and more overworked as time went by. He just felt like he needed a break from it all.

Keith found himself standing in front of a rack which was the size of a bookcase, stocked with little plastic bottles of all shapes, colors, and sizes. He had already spent ten minutes reading the labels on these bottles, when a teenager walked by him, pushing a half-empty grocery cart.

Keith noticed the teenage boy, as he slowly walked by, whistling a tune. He was tall and athletic, with short, brown spiky hair on top, big, ice-blue eyes, and a friendly face. He looked like he was about 16 or 17 years old. He wore a basketball jersey and matching shorts, and he wore the newest Air Jordan’s on his feet. He stopped whistling as grabbed a tube of toothpaste and a bottle of shampoo as he walked by Keith’s cart.

“Kind of overwhelming, huh? All those brands, types, and sizes…” the teen said with a chuckle, as he stopped pushing the cart and stood right next to Keith. The boy was about an inch taller than Keith, and looked strong and healthy. “What are you buying aspirin for? You don’t have any worries that give you headaches!” Keith said to him, feeling a little jealous of the youth who seemed strong, confident, and relaxed, while he was feeling sick, tired, and stressed out.

“Well, the aspirin isn’t for me, it’s for my friend Dustin. He just got a new job and he’s feeling kind of nervous about it. But I can imagine that you get headaches often, if you have to deal with patients in the hospital all day!” the teenager said with a chuckle. Then he gave his grocery cart a slight push as he was about to walk towards the next aisle.

Keith thought about it for a moment. Then he felt overcome by shock. How did the teenager know that he worked in a hospital, when he didn’t tell him that?

“Hey kid!” Keith shouted at the boy. “Come here for a second!” he said. The teenager turned his cart around and walked towards Keith. Keith then signaled him to come closer to him. When Peter stood besides him, Keith gently placed his arm on Peter’s shoulder.

“Please, tell me something” Keith whispered, “How do you know that I worked in a hospital? I didn’t tell you that! How did you know?”

Peter thought about it for a moment, and then opened his mouth as he realized that he just gave away the fact that he had powers. He turned towards Keith and placed his hand over his mouth. He felt embarrassed; he lowered his head and removed his hand from covering his mouth.

“I’m sorry… I should not have said that…” he whispered back at Keith.

“That’s alright, boy. I’m not mad at you. Now, tell me, are you psychic?” Keith whispered back. Peter just nodded.

“My name is Keith; I work as a nurse in the hospital. Come, let’s go over to the small café and I’ll buy you a soda, okay?” Peter smiled back. “I’m Peter. I appreciate it…”

The adult and the teenager pushed their carts to the café, where they sat down at a small table in the corner. They each ordered a soda to drink.

“So you’re psychic, huh? Wow that is a great gift!” Keith mentioned to Peter. “Well, it can be a great gift, or a bad curse, depending on the situation…” Peter answered back, as he drank some of his soda through the straw. “Can I tell you a secret?” Peter asked Keith, feeling that he could trust the older man. “Sure, Peter. What’s your secret?” Keith replied.

“I can do other things as well. I can transform people!” Peter revealed, with a smile on his face. At first, Keith didn’t believe him, and looked at him like he was making it up. “Transform people? Transform people into what?” he asked the teen. “Anything! I can transform anyone or anything into any other person or animal or any other thing, whatever I want to!” Peter replied.

Keith was astonished. His eyes were wide open of surprise, for he had never heard of anyone who had such abilities before. “You must be joking, right? I mean, how is that possible? I have never heard of anyone who was that powerful!” Keith replied in disbelief.

Suddenly Keith felt a weird tingle go through his body, followed by stiffness in his neck. Then he noticed to his surprise that his neck began to grow longer and longer, until it felt like his neck had grown to a foot in length! Keith placed his hands around his neck as he felt how long it had become. Then he looked at Peter, who was laughing at him! “That’s a long neck you got there, Keith! Cool, huh? I did that!” Peter amused, pointing at Keith’s long neck with his finger.

“Don’t worry, I’ll change you back! I’ll make your neck look like normal again. Here, hold on…” Peter said, looking straight at Keith with a smile on his face. “Please, don’t get mad. I hope you don’t mind me playing with your body. I just wanted to show you what I could do…” In a few moments, Keith’s neck began to shrink back to its normal length.

Keith was astonished. His jaw dropped wide open as he became aware of the teenager’s powers. It scared him to see how easily Peter could change any part of his body that he wanted, making Keith almost feel helpless and intimidated by this powerful youth who sat in front of him. Peter just sat back in his chair and laughed at him, for it was no big deal to him anymore.

“Wow that was amazing! Is it easy for you to do this, to change any part of my body just like that?” Keith wondered out loud. Peter then leaned forward in the chair. “It’s a piece of cake. I practically don’t even have to look at you anymore in order to change you. As long as I remember what you look like, I can change anything about you or I can make you do whatever I want.”

“Wait a minute” Keith said. “Run that by me again, the last part!” “Oh, I can change anything about you” Peter replied. “Yeah? And what else can you do?” Keith asked him next. Peter though for a minute. “I can make you do things and control your body.” Keith had a serious look on his face. “I have a hard time believing that! That would only work through hypnotism!” he said, still not believing a word Peter said. “Show me!”

Peter just grinned, as Keith suddenly stood up from his chair. Keith wasn’t doing it; rather an invisible force was telling his brain to move certain muscles in his body. “You are going to do ten push-ups right now!” Peter said calmly. Then Keith got down on his knees, placing his arms to his sides while extending his legs while trying to keep them as straight as possible. Keith then did ten push-ups on the floor of the café! “See? How about I make you do ten more?” Peter asked, after allowing Keith to catch his breath, just as he had completed the first set. Immediately Peter ordered the adult to repeat the set, and after the tenth push-up, he wanted Keith to stand back up. “Sit down in your chair, Keith!” Peter ordered, and Keith immediately sat back down on his chair, while his jaw was wide open of amazement.

Peter then stared at Keith for awhile, focusing his blue eyes in Keith’s brown eyes. “You would love to be a kid again, huh? To be a teenager, like me? No, wait… You would love to have my body, wouldn’t you?” Peter said, while looking Keith straight in the eyes. “Boy, you just read my mind. Can you do a swap of our bodies?” Keith wondered.

“Body swaps are fun. If I’m you, then I’ll get to drive your car, and work at the hospital. I love that medical stuff; I’ll just make sure I have all your knowledge and experience in my mind as well. And you can go to my school and do my homework!” Peter said, as he laughed at the idea. “We can swap our bodies. I’ll just need to make sure we know each other’s past and experiences as well. You’ll be in my body, and I’ll be in yours. However, my powers will transfer along with me to your body, because I can’t disown my own powers. So, how long do you want to be me?”

“I would like to try it out for a few minutes. Just for now! Can we try it, just to see how it feels?” Keith asked him. “When do you want to do this?” Peter asked him next. Keith thought for a minute, and then replied “Let’s try it now, just for fun! Right here, in the grocery store!” Peter leaned back in his chair and grinned.

Suddenly, Keith’s eyes became heavy. He had to close his eyes. A second or two had passed, and he felt like he could open them again. When he did, he noticed that he was looking at himself, sitting in the chair. It was as if he was looking at himself in the mirror! Then he looked down and realized that he was no longer in his own body, he was now in Peter’s body!

The 41 year old man stood up. He touched his face with his hands, his skin felt soft and smooth. Then he looked down and noticed his athletic build. He had muscular arms and legs, and he was dressed in a blue basketball jersey and shorts. He smiled, as he began to realize that he was now living inside of a body of a teenager. He knew who Peter was and where he lived. He knew his address and phone number as well. This was great! He looked up and smiled, as he observed the adult male who sat in the chair on the other side of the small table. Keith had now become Peter.

Peter loved it! He was a teenager now, he felt young, energetic, and strong. His hearing and his vision were absolutely perfect. He had no illnesses or handicaps, and he felt like he had enough energy to go for a long jog. He was dressed in basketball clothes, and he had an urge to go play. It felt so cool to be young again, and the teen was enjoying every moment while he was using this incredibly well maintained body.

The 15 year old teen was now in a body that was 26 years older! The man stood up and looked up at the teenager, who was an inch taller than him. Keith just smiled, as it wasn’t Keith who was inside of him, but Peter. Peter felt it was awesome to have the body of an adult. He could now drive, he would go to work, and he would no longer need to go to school. This is what it felt like, to be a grown man! He could vote, he could drink alcohol, if he wanted, and he would no longer need to listen to parents or adult relatives. He had the freedom to do whatever he wanted! And Peter still had his powers, even while he was inside of Keith’s body.

“So, how does it feel to be a kid again?” Keith asked Peter, who was still looking down at his legs, his chest, his arms and his abdominals. Then Peter stood straight up and walked towards Keith, standing right in front of him. “Hey, I’m taller than you now!” Peter said, obviously enjoying his stay in Peter’s taller body. Keith looked up to Peter and smiled. “Well then, my boy, I’m the adult here, so you have to listen to me now!” Keith teased. Peter looked back and grinned, realizing that he no longer looked like an adult. “Can I have the keys to my car?” Keith asked the teen. “They’re in your side pocket!” Peter said, pointing to Keith’s jeans. Keith reached his hand in the pocket and pulled out a keychain with several keys attached to it. “I can’t wait to go for a drive! I love the idea of me actually being fifteen years old, but I already have a driver’s license. What a trip!” Keith said, while looking at the different keys on the chain.

Peter took a step back and walked down an aisle and came back, enjoying his young body. Then he hopped on the balls of his feet, just to feel how strong his legs were. “We will need to do this again for sure!” Peter said, as he walked back to Keith, who was still reading all the tags which were attached to the keys.

Keith and Peter stood there, staring at each other for a moment. “Wow, I feel like I’m looking at myself in the mirror” Peter said. “Can you swap us back?” he asked Keith. Keith just smiled, and Peter’s eyes became heavy. Peter closed his eyes for a second, and then opened them again. The bodies were instantaneously swapped back, and Peter was now back in his own body, and so was Keith.

“Good grief! That was amazing!” Keith said, looking down at his own body again. Then he looked up at Peter, who was smiling down on him. “That was fun, huh?” the teen said.

Peter and Keith gave each other their addresses and phone numbers. “Can I call you some time, so I can spend a day as you?” Keith asked the boy. “Sure, we can swap bodies, and I can swap us back whenever I want. And you won’t have to worry; I can still see where you are and what you are doing when you are using my body. I really hope you enjoyed the body swap!”

Keith and Peter shook hands, before they proceeded to the cashiers. Keith enjoyed knowing he could swap bodies with him anytime, and Peter was happy to have made a cool, new friend.

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