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A 22 Year Old Man at House He Shares With Brother, His Wife & A RoomMate

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added on 08/08/03 02:29

Erick groaned, his brother and his wife had been in his room again. They'd converted the old Victorian into a duplex, but they treated him like he wasn't a tenant paying rent, but as a kid brother living in their home. It might have been somewhat tolerable, if he didn't have a room mate helping share the rent costs. Brother or not, he paid market rates. Well, he considered them market rates, brother and sister-in-law considered it $250 below market. In truth it was maybe $125 below market. Ostensibly, the intrusion this time had been to leave a package that he'd ordered from TransDem Labs. He smiled, the suckers were even paying him to be one of their Beta testers.

Downstairs his 3 year old nephew started bawling. Erick started to rip open the packing, and wondered what it would be like to be a monkey's uncle. He already had visions of turning his hulking brother into the big ape he acted like, and that dumb cow of a wife...though he was really supposed to just use this on himself and other consenting adults...

Snoring alerted him to the fact that his roomie was back, and sleeping off his all-nighter on the sofa next to his computer desk. Bruno, Erick's dog, was curled up at Jeff's feet. Bruno was always humping people, man, Erick wished he could find that dog a bitch. He eyed Jeff who was dead to the world, and the box in his hand.

So many options, maybe he should start on Bruno, just in case there were complications. He set up the emitter, and loaded the cd rom into his computer. The emitter didn't look like much, he shook his head looking right down the barrel of the device. Next he started to read the manual. It was so long, he decided to just dive in and start using the program without all the reading. A good program should be intuitive he thought.

And he started to type...

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