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Dad and Son swap bodies

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added by sprsizeme on 08/22/12 09:40

Brendan Bartlet was angry with his father. He had been grounded for violating curfew meaning he was not going
to be going to prom this year.

Having just received the Chronivac in the mail he was anxious to try it out but hadn't decided on a change to
be made but this gave him an idea.

When he pulled up his own profile and his dad's he pulled up the option for body swap and saw on the screen an
image of himself and his dad swapping. Now his dad was a big butch manly man. He worked construction so he was
a big bear of a man. Arms as thick as pipes. Chest as muscled as a couple of melons punctuated with thick
nipples. His legs were like logs on top of a barrel of a torso. Now there was a bit of thickness at his middle
that he tried to keep under control but this man was thick all over. Quite in contrast to his son. Brendan was
an athlete but he had never been into football like his dad had been and thus never developed that thick body
that his dad had. he was more into baseball. Not that it was his favorite sport but with his dad's pushing it
had to be a sport that a man would play. Therefore his body was quite a bit slimmer than his dad had been at
his age but still a very hansom young man.

When he made the changes in the Chronivac his dad came through the door demanding to know what he was doing.

I am going out tonight.

You are grounded and you are not going anywhere.

We will see about that. Brendan pressed submit on the Chronivac and he and his dad collapsed and when they
woke a few hours later they stood and looked at each other. It was like they were looking into a screwy mirror
not reflecting the image they are but the image that they should be. Brendan saw himself from his dad's eyes
and his dad looked up at himself.

What happened Brendan's dad asked confused and looking into the mirror hanging on the back of Brendan's door.

I made a little switch and now you are going to be me for awhile.

Oh no. You change us back now.

I don't think your in control any more and I am going to be heading out. Now Brendan couldn't go to prom with
his date so he decided to go out to a bar. He had beer before but not much and he hadn't been to a bar before
so he found one close that looked fun. He sat at the bar drank beer after beer getting drunker and drunker
until he was thrown out of the bar. Stumbling home he fell into his dad's bed and slept until well into the
middle of the day.

Lawrence Bartlet had been looking around Brendan's room all night long looking for whatever Brendan used to
switch them. A spell book, a machine, an amulet. He looked through several things and tried wishing upon so
many different things but nothing happened.

About 4am he heard his son coming home and looking out the door he saw him very drunk. He followed him and saw
him fall into bed. A few minutes later there came a knock on the door.

I just wanted to make sure he got home ok he was pretty plowed.

Yea he is sleeping it off I would say. Lawrence saw the rainbow ring on the guy's ring finger and had an idea.
Thanks for making sure he got home. Wanna come in for a drink.

Oh no I need to get going.

Please you did us a favor I have coke and sprite, tea, water. Whatever you want.

I am a little thirsty. The big muscled man came in and followed Lawrence into the living room.

Sit I will get you something what would you like. Water will be fine.

Lawrence popped out and then back quickly with two bottles of water. One for him and one for the man at the

My dad gets worked up from time to time. Lawrence told the guy. He can't accept that I am gay and having just
turned 18 he gets upset and goes out drinking.

I hear you. My dad tossed me out when I told him I was gay. At least you still have a place to live.

Well I am not sure I will for long. Lawrence slipped his hand onto the strangers hand and caressed it. Feeling
the furry knuckles up the sinewy arm.

Look maybe things will change.

I sure hope so but I don't see that happening too soon.

You could be wrong. Lawrence kept caressing the man and he could tell he was getting excited as his already
tight t-shirt showed his stiffening nipples and a growing bulge in his crotch and it didn't seem to be a small

I just want someone to hold me. Lawrence said convincingly. And the big man wrapped his arm around him and
pulled him in tight. Lawrence nibbled on the big man's nipple through the t-shirt and began to rub closer and
closer to his crotch.

You need to stop that you are getting me excited.

That's the whole idea.

Look I don't want you to be tossed out because of me.

Oh dad is asleep he will be out for hours.

Lawrence took the man by the hand and led him to Brendan's bedroom where he and the stranger slowly stripped.
Now Lawrence had never had sex with a man before and as dad that would have never happened but he thought that
maybe doing this Brendan would change them back immediately so he took his chances and stripped and pressed
his body next to the big man.

Be gentle I have never had sex with a man before. I have just had heavy petting. I would like you to be the

The stranger's arms wrapped around Lawrence's new body. One arm under his butt and the other holding him tight
around his back. Lifting him and tossing him face down on the bed.

Got any lube?

No but I have this Lawrence showed him a bottle of lotion.

Not the best but it will work.

Lawrence felt the pressure at his back end and as tight as he was the stranger soon came inside of Brendan's
ass filling him. Lawrence felt the pressure of the spent stranger resting on top of him still impaled by the
massive rod. He was in pain but his plan hadn't come to completion yet. He needed to get use to the size of
the cock inside of him and let Brendan see him having sex with a man.

When Lawrence heard some stumbling around in the house he woke up the stranger and said how about one more
time before you go. Lawrence had his feet at the headboard and his face toward the door as the big man easily
slipped inside of Lawrence's new ass. As his eyes rolled back in his head and the stranger came for the 6th
time that day the door burst open and there stood Brendan looking at his body being fucked by a big muscled
man. He got up and cleaned himself off and got dressed. As he passed by Brendan he said it is ok your boy is a
good man and he is who he is.

Brendan looked at the man and then down at his body. His dad had a goofy look on his face looking up at him.
The stranger left and Brendan looked at his dad.

What the hell were you doing he screamed at him. I'm not gay.

Oh yes you are. At least until you turn us back.

Brendan rushed to the desk and looked for the Chronivac. What did you do with it?

With what? I have looked all night long for how you did it to us and I found nothing now you tell me what you
did and change us back.

I had a machine it looked like a PDA and made the switch with you on it. Now where is it.

I looked all night long and never found anything so you tell me where you put it. Lawrence thought that
Brendan was lying to him but Brendan didn't know where it was.

I'm serious where is it Brendan yelled.

Look I know you have it and I want to be changed now. If you don't my next conquest in your body will be the
baseball team. And I don't think it will all be dicks going up your back end there.

Brendan couldn't wrap his mind around that thought and knew his dad had to have the Chronivac hidden
somewhere. Well I think I will have the best of the deal. Brendan said to his dad. I don't have it and I know
you have hidden it somewhere to teach me a lesson. So until you give it back I am going to abuse your body. I
am going to eat like a pig, drink like a lush and not have sex until you give it back.

Out in the back yard little Timothy Darden, the Bartlet's next door neighbor's 13 year old son was playing
with a little toy he had found in Brendan's room when they were sleeping hiding it from his parents and the

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