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Becoming Danielle, the submissive secretary

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The Magic Shop
added on 05/02/04 13:49

Magical Items Everywhere... This is a story branch containing Magical Items that cause transformation, no matter if they came from an actual magic shop or elsewhere.

added by Dekul on 07/23/03 01:24

David was having a horrible day at work, he was late, got chewed by his boss, and then Jenny, one of the best looking women in his office had played a cruel trick on him. Her and her girlfriends were still laughing it up. David made his way to the soda machines and set his pen down on a little table as he dug his wallet out of his pocket. Unbeknownst to him a wizard walked by and set his pen down while he searched his robe for the item he was there to sell, he found it and absentmindedly grabbed a pen off the table. David put his wallet back in his pocket and pulled his doctor pepper out of the machine and he went to grab his pen but it was gone, he noticed an expensive looking gold pen lying there instead.
"Oh well," He thought and grabbed it, making his way back to his cubicle, "guess I'll try it out." He grabbed a nearby pad of paper and scribbled on the pad for a second, then wrote out, "I'll get a promotion today." He laughed to himself, ya right, he had worked there for 7 years without a promotion. He grabbed a stack of reports and headed for his manager's office, he had some figures that were important to the next business deal.
David walked into Joe, his manager's, office and handed him the reports, his manager looked very pleased, he smiled and said, "Good Job Dave, I want you to head the negotiations with this new account." Dave just stared, "Me? I dont know anything about..." Joe interrupted and said, "It will be double your current salary, and will get Mike's office, he transferred out yesterday." David just smiled and said, "Thank you sir." Joe shook his hand and continued, "Oh, and Jodie, Mike's secretary, is under you now."
Dave walked back to his cubicle, wondering what was going on, he boxed his things and carried him to his new office, suddenly he noticed the piece of paper he wrote on before... Had this caused his promotion? No, no way, but maybe.... he decided to write something else as a test.

Pen Test
added by Dekul on 07/23/03 01:34

David laughed, wondering why he even thought the pen was real, he decided to write, as a joke, "Jenny will orgasm for the next half hour." He then pocketed the pen and carried his stuff to his office, not noticing that in her cubicle, Jenny what shiverring on the floor in pleasure. "Oh well, nifty pen anyhow," David thought as he sat admiring the view from his new office.

Writing Wrongs
added by Lampwick on 07/23/03 09:25

David settled into his new office, marveling at this stroke of luck. Who would believe that after 7 years, he would suddenly get such a great promotion?

Finally, he started looking at the papers on his desk. On top was a new personnel assignment form for him to fill out for the Human Resources office. Since he was now in a management position, he had profit sharing and other benefits he hadn't had before. Even so, it was annoying having to fill out all the basic information again, especially for his new ID card. Sighing, he filled out all the blanks, cheating a little on his weight. Hey, the company didn't have to know he was 240 instead of 225.

There was a knock on the door and Pete Simpson came barging in. "Dave! Great news on the promo..." He stopped and stared a moment, then burst out laughing. "Damn! You always said management was a collection of clowns. But maybe you should wait a day or two before you start making jokes. Blue hair? That's wild! I hope it's a rinse, though."

"What are you talking about?" Bewildered, Dave frowned and then got up and looked at his reflection in the glass of a hanging picture. Sure enough, his hair was a bright blue! It almost perfectly matched the color of his eyes - or at least, the color his eyes should have been. Leaning closer, he discovered that his eyes were medium brown, the color his hair had been this morning.

"Ummmm, yeah. Just a joke. Ah, just spray stuff, you know, like the kids use. Maybe I'd better wash it out." Heart pounding, Dave forced a smile. "Look, I need to get some stuff done. Can you meet me for lunch? My treat?"

"Sure thing! As long as I don't have to get my ear pierced." Pete started out, then stuck his head back in looking scared. "Oh, damn! Old Man Daniels is coming this way! I'll try to stall him! Get that shit outa your hair! He won't think it's funny!" Then he shut the door.

David scrambled back to his desk. Something had happened while he was filling out forms. His eyes flickered over the ID card form - and he gasped. He had gotten hair and eye color mixed up in the blanks! Picking up the gold pen, his eyes widened. Like the promotion, what he had written with it had come true! But how could he fix things?

He could hear Pete talking to Daniels outside. "Just a minute, sir. He's on a long-distance call, I think. Say, could I show you something on the Walters proposal? It will just take a minute."

Pete was a good friend. The voices faded, giving David a few minutes to think. Pulling the end off the pen, David discovered what looked like a normal white ink eraser. Cautiously, he touched the end to the paper and gasped as the word Blue vanished! He carefully used the pen to print Brown in the Hair color blank, and then got up and looked at his reflection again. His hair was back to its normal color. Relieved, he repeated the action for his eyes just as the door opened and Daniels came in. Dave stood up.

Daniels was a gruff and usually unpleasant man who managed through the use of intimidation. "Off the phone, I see! I hope that it wasn't a long distance personal call - bad way to start your first day as a manager." He frowned a bit. "You losing weight?"

Dave remembered his 'cheat' on the weight line. "Um, yes sir. Working out." These changes had him so scared and bewildered that he was trembling a little.

"Well, I just dropped in to tell you we have a staff meeting at 12:30. I don't like people to be late." Daniels smiled slightly, looking pleased with himself. "But you seem to have the right attitude. I think we'll get along just fine." He turned and left.

Right attitude? Then Dave realized that the man must have thought the trembling was due to him being there. Arrogant prick! Just like him to schedule a meeting in the middle of the normal lunch hour.

Plopping down in his chair, David stared at the gold pen. It couldn't be hallucination, because Pete had seen the hair color, and Daniels had commented on his weight. Pulling out a clean sheet of paper, Dave thought for a moment and then wrote:

Joe Daniel Takes a Walk on the Wild Side
added by Circe on 11/02/03 18:50

Dave stared after Joe Daniels and muttered to himself. He was glad to have the new promotion, but there was no way he was going to work for a son-of-a-bitch like that.

The good news was, he did not have to. Dave smiled at the pen in his hand and wrote, "Joe Daniel's is changed to 2PM." No sooner had he stopped writing than he heard some electronic chirps just outside his door, followed by Daniels' muffled voice.

"What? 2PM? What kind of incompentent--well, alright. Call me if it changes again." Dave's door opened and Daniels annouced, "Change of plans. The meeting is at 2PM. Since we have a minute, I thought I would go over some of your new reponsibilities." With that, Daniels launched into a droning recitation of things Dave would have to do in his new role. It sounded a lot like his old job with more potential for blame if something went wrong or made Daniels look bad.

Dave smirked and pretended to take notes. He wrote, "Joe Daniels will change into a gorgeous, voluptuous, long-haired redheaded female over the next five minutes but will not notice the change." Dave looked up to see that Joe's hair was already turning a deep burnished shade of red.

"Now, about your increased quotas--" Joe coughed, then went on in a crystal clear soprano. "You will find that I expect you to do more, not less, even with your other new duties..." Even with a pleasing female voice the man was a bore, but Dave smiled as he watched his boss's dress shirt swell out into twin mounds even as his waist contracted and hips widened. Joe's breasts grew so quickly that his buttons were soon straining at his shirt. Dave hurriedly wrote: "Joe's clothes will change to fit his body as he changes." The shirt immediately became tighter around the waist and fuller at the chest, cupping Joe's new cleavage nicely even if it did make his tie hang oddly over the growing shelf of his breasts.

"Are you paying attention?" Joe wondered in his sexy voice. He ran a hand through his rapidly growing hair in a very feminine gesture, tucking the curly red locks behind his ear. Joe's face was altering as well, with thick pouty lips and wide green eyes that went well with his new, lightly freckled complexion.

"Oh yes, sir," replied Dave. He tried his best to look innoceny but was not sure he was succeeding as he watched his boss's male butt swell out into a pert female ass. The front of Joe's pants suddenly went flat and Dave realized the changes were complete. His boss was now a very sexy, voluptous redhead but seemed blissfully unaware of that fact.

Dave could not help but grin a bit maniacally as he bent over the paper again and wrote some more. When he was done, Joe blinked a bit and then suddenly smiled. He--or rather, she--began unbuttoning her shirt as she walked over to Dave. Her huge new breasts were soon visible, and she cupped her new assets and played with their long pink nipples as she continued to tell Dave about what she expected him to do in the job.

Dave watched his formerly male boss playing with herself and could not help but write a little more. When he was done, Joe's clothes crawled across her body, rearranging themselves into a pair of high heeled pumps, sheer light green stockings attched to a matching lacy garter belt, and an underwire bra that left her erect nipples exposed. One of Jon's new feminine hands slid down to her groin and explored her new hairless pussy while the other continued to stroke and tease her nipples.

"Ooohh, yeah," groaned Joe, tossing her waist-length hair about. "Now about your supervisory duties...(groan)'ll only have a small (oh god!) staff to start with (sigh).."

Dave was groaning a bit himself as he watched the new woman masturbate. His cock was aching in his pants, and he only hesitated a moment before writing some more.

Several things happened when Dave stopped writing. First, Dave's clothes vanished, reappearing neatly folded on his desk. Second, Dave's already erect cock grew even further until it was an impressive twelve inch rod. Finally, Joe sank to her delicate knees and took Dave's new pole in her tiny hands. Dave watched in delight as Joe attempted to continue his lecture.

"Of course you cannot forget (light stroking) to file your TPS reports (rapid stroking) every Friday (playful lick) mmmmm...where was I? (long slow lick) Oh yes, every Friday (slurp)...." Joe's crystal-like voice finally went silent as she enveloped Dave's enormous cock in her hot mouth. The newly minted redhead began bobbing her head enthusiastically and it was not long at all until Dave groaned and pulled her head down on his thick shaft. With a long moan he came in his boss's mouth, his heavy stream of cum filling the new girl's mouth. She gulped happily at Dave's cum, licking her lips delicately and then carefully cleaning his shaft with her tongue.

"So, any questions about what I expect from you?" asked Joe, looking up at Dave and licking at droplets of cum on Dave's cock as though that were the way all business meetings were conducted.

Meetings abound
added on 02/26/08 22:40

Dave smiles as his former boss nods to him and leaves, noticing that his boss was still a female, he quickly scribbled down "Joe Daniels will change back into a guy, and he would have no recollection of the past 5 minutes." The female Joe turned and winked at him with a pouty smile on her face before she turned around and changed back into her guy self.

Dave suddenly had an idea. If just a short meeting with his boss was so good, how would the 2:00 meeting go with the upper-class workers that treated his underlings like shit? Of course, anyone who was actually nice, which was few, would suddenly get sick or skip the meeting because of important things that had to do. A few words and the job was done. Another few words, and his work was done, a report written out, and the meeting was about to start.

"Good afternoon." Called Joe as people came in and sat down in the long table. There were only 10 people at the table, the rest was out or they had work to do. Dave noticed with dismay that some of the people that he wanted to get was out too.

"The meeting will now begin." Joe called as the talking ceased. Dave cursed when he realized that he didn't write anything down about the meeting. He scribbled down, "When someone in this room makes a report, he will turn into a hot, sexy, horny, female for the duration of his report. He will change back after the meeting's over. No one will notice or remember this but me."

Dave sat back into his chair. This would be fun.

Magic pen: A perfect meeting.
added by Spindizzy on 04/19/12 03:58

Troy is well known to Dave, he's seen him swaggering about the upper floors in his over priced
suites driving his subordinates mercilessly then taking full credit for their work, he's an
arrogant lying bastard. Dave can't wait to see him get his just desserts.

Troy stands in front of a large screen and begins a power point presentation, it's his usual mix
of self aggrandizement and subtle digs at his office rivals Dave has heard it all before and soon
tunes the words out as Troy undergoes a startling transformation. First Troy regresses in age going
from mid forties to no more than twenty maybe even younger, at the same time the muscles he had spent
so many hours building in the gym waste away until he looks like a skinny teenager that's borrowed
his father's suit.

Next his hair grows, flowing out of his scalp in black waves covering his shoulders and
falling down to the small of his back, briefly it covers his face and when he brushes it back his
features have changed becoming those of a pretty girl complete with makeup and earrings. Next his
chest and ass begin to swell at the same time the rest of his body shrinks until a buxom young
woman stands in front of the screen delivering a boring presentation in an armani suit that hangs
of her like a tent.

Troy clears her throat( Dave can't help but think of him as a her now) and
continues in a high breathy voice that manages to sound innocent and sexual at the same time. She
doesn't seem to notice as her clothes start to move billowing as if caught in a strong wind then
shrinking, clinging tightly to Troy's altered body, shifting and changing until the expensive suit
has become a slutty mini skirt and revealing halter top. With the physical changes complete her
behavior begins to match her new form. She starts rubbing herself, stroking her smooth thighs and
firm round ass giving everyone a glimpse of her pink thong. Her hands roam over her body caressing
and squeezing making her moan in pleasure finally the presentation ends and instead of sitting back
down she climbs up on the table and starts masturbating right there in front of the whole group.

Dave struggles to maintain his composure while around him the meeting carries on as normal, his
colleagues take notes and discussing points of the presentation oblivious to the transformation
of the speaker or the live sex show happening just feet away from them.

Breathing heavily Dave takes up his pen and writes...

Magic pen: Office orgy.
added on 04/19/12 10:53

Almost unbelievably turned on Dave hurriedly writes;

"Each person that is transformed during this meeting will immediately have sex with
another person in the room. The next person to transform will have sex with me.
No one will think this is strange."

Next up is Laura the head of human resources, an attractive woman in her late thirties,
unfortunately her being easy on the eye is more than outweighed by her awful personality,
Dave has often clashed with her over her pedantic adherence to the rules and her complete
lack of a sense of humor.

By the time he has finished writing Laura has already started speaking, droning on about
permitted time for toilet breaks as her change begins. Laura is already a busty female so
her changes are less drastic than Troy’s, her breasts grow a little larger, her figure a
little slimmer but she remains recognizably herself. Dave sighs a little disappointed until
her outfit starts to shrink revealing more and more skin. In a matter of minutes her
conservative business suit has become eye popping bondage gear, basically just a bunch of
black leather straps, lifting her huge tits and tight ass whilst leaving her completely
exposed. As with Troy before her the change of cloths prompts a change of personality Laura
seems to become shy, timid almost, her voice growing softer and more uncertain until
suddenly she falls at Dave's feet.

"Please" she says her voice almost a whisper "Please master I've been so bad. Punish
me master. I need to be punished."

Dave is a little taken aback, S&M is not usually a part of his fantasies, but there is a
note of pleading in her voice and glint in her eye that excites him so he decides to play along.
He takes her chin in one hand and turns her face up to look her in the eye.

"Don't tell me what to do slut." He tells her in the sternest voice he can muster "You're my whore
and you do what I tell you. Now bend over the table and take your punishment."

Laura gives a whimper that might be fear but sounds more like excitement to Dave as she hurries
to comply stretching out on the table next to the still furiously masturbating Troy with her peach
of a backside in the air. It's too good a target for Dave to resist, he plants a firm slap on her
rump and is rewarded with a delighted squeal. He spanks her thoroughly until her ass glows red and
she is almost screaming from it. Watching her squirm, he notices her looking at Troy, her face by
now is just inches from Troy's pussy she licks her lips and edges closer.

"Oh you like that do you slut?" Says Dave getting into his role. "Maybe you should have a taste."

Dave grabs her hair and pushes her face into Troy’s soaking wet cunt until she starts licking and
sucking making Troy scream like a woman possessed. Dave's cock is rock hard by now and he wastes no
more time in stripping off his cloths and mounting Laura, plunging into her hot pussy from behind.
He pumps away, each thrust pushing Laura’s mouth against Troy making both women moan. Dave has never
experienced anything so sexual he feels like he’s fucking both of them at the same time almost like
Laura is an extension of him a thought that drives him to new heights of passion while around him
while around him the meeting degenerates into a full scale orgy.

One by one the others are all transformed, Joe Daniels is a cute brunette again on his knees
eagerly sucking on loudmouth Bob’s cock even as it shrinks away becoming a clit as Bob turns into
a trashy looking blond. Victoria from purchasing and Alan VP in charge of distribution are making
out in a corner having become a pair of Asian girls in school girl costumes. Ben a nerdy looking
guy from IT is now an amazonian black woman with a slim redhead who used to be a fat manager called
Derek the two of them are pleasing Gary, now a rather stern looking dominatrix.

Dave takes it all in as he cums deep inside Laura triggering her orgasm which in turn sets off
Troy so all three of them are climaxing together adding their ecstatic cries to the sexual symphony
going on in the room.

The meeting goes on for about an hour and in that time Dave is able to cum in or at least on most
of the senior managers by using the pen to increase his sexual stamina leaving him drained but
thoroughly satisfied. Eventually people start getting dressed and returning to their original forms
and personalities has all evidence of the orgy disappears. They file out with slightly glazed
expressions some of them stopping to shake Dave’s hand and thank him for his “Valuable input” all
together it couldn’t have gone better for him he returns to his office feeling very smug a wondering
what to try next...

Becoming Danielle, the submissive secretary
added by Incognito on 04/21/12 06:00

A thought crept into Dave's mind. Laura had really seemed to enjoy the way she had been used by him during the meeting. How would it be to try sex from the other side, both as a woman and maybe as the one being controlled? At first, he dismissed it, but as he sat there pondering, the curiosity - and surprisingly, a bit of arousal at the thought - got too strong, and he wrote:

"Dave is now Danielle, Joe's personal secretary, a petite, lithe girl of 21 years. In addition to being his secretary, Danielle is also Joe's BDSM slave, and Joe enjoys using her and toying with her submissive nature whenever he has the chance. Danielle obviously enjoys this, especially when he humiliates her."

By the time Dave was halfway through the text, he could already feel the changes creeping over him. The first thing he noticed was how his clothes were changing. His socks creeping up his legs, stopping above the knees. His pants fusing, turning into a business skirt. He could feel his boxer briefs shrink as his equipment down there did the same, finally slipping in between his - no, her, she realized - ass cheeks to become a very tiny thong. Suddenly, something expanded into her ass, and she gave a little yelp of pain. A butt plug? That pervert Joe was having her wear a butt plug? The fact aroused her a little.

As all these changes happened, the room around her had seemed to grow larger, and suddenly it all went blurry. When Danielle regained focus, she saw that she sat in front of a much smaller desk in the anteroom to Joe's office. The room was nicely decorated, though she made a note that several of the items could be used for some... alternative purposes. Over by one wall hang a full-length mirror, and she decided to go over to it to see how she now looked.

Looking at herself, she realized that she really was petite. Even in her high heels - which, she realized, she had not noticed she was wearing until she looked herself in the mirror - she couldn't be many inches above 5". The shoes were really high heels as well, her tiny feet stuck in a ballet position inside them, and there were straps on them, connected to a small lock, so that she could not remove them herself. Stocking-covered legs ran up to the hem of her skirt, which to her surprise was quite long, going past the knees, but quite tight-sitting. The skirt helped getting out what small curves she had, ending in a broad belt around her waist. Looking just a little bit more up, she realized she was not wearing a bra. Through the fabric of her blouse, she could easily see her nipples standing to attention. Around her neck was a thin leather collar, decorated so as to look as a fashion accessory but still having a small ring in front.

Danielle stood there for a while, imagining all the things that could be done to this body, until she was suddenly shaken out of her fantasies by a sudden sound.

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