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To Be a Mermaid, Or Not To Be a Mermaid

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added on 02/05/12 13:41

“Oh, man. I… I’m not really sure, I mean, it’s such a big step. You don’t mind if I go back to the beach and think about it, do you?”

“Not at all, the process is best performed in the ocean anyway, else you’d be stuck in this oasis until I can teach you how to do this.” Alexis brought her entire tail out of the water, flicked her tailfin and laid it on land. She closed her eyes and her tail began to shrink away. Her silvery blue scales vanishing into human-like skin as her pelvic fins stretched out and thickened. They began to form a structure like human legs, and indeed her fins took the shape of feet. Her legs fully formed, Alexis stood up. “I’ll accompany you to the beach.”

As the two walked through the jungle alongside the stream Cassandra followed, she spoke up. “So this is how you get to the oasis, I thought this stream looked too small for a mermaid to swim in. Anyway can you change like this anytime, or is it like on TV and movies where if so much as a drop of water hits you; boom, tail?”

“Our legs must be fully submerged underwater before it’s forced back into a tail; but otherwise, we have full control over the change. I should warn you though, if you do become a mermaid, the initial transformation will be slower and more… well I don’t want to say painful, more like intense. After that, once I teach you to take human form, it’ll be as easy as what you saw with me.”

Cassandra nodded. “Good to know. Oh, we’re here.” The two arrived on the beach near Cassandra’s boat.

“I’ll be just off shore,” Alexis said, “call to me when you’ve made your decision.” Alexis ran off and dove into the calm ocean.

Within seconds her tail had returned and Cassandra watched as Alexis leaped out of the water like a dolphin. “I can become a mermaid and still take human form if I want. Am I really stuck here? Could I go back to Earth once I’m a mermaid and have magic? Will I even want to?” Cassandra looked back at Alexis, lying belly up on the surface. “Whatever the answers, at least I’ll still have a nice friend. I guess the choice is obvious.”

Cassandra stood up, took off her clothes, walked to the shore and called to Alexis as she entered the surf. “I take it you want to be a mermaid after all?” Alexis asked as she met up with Cassandra.

“How’d you guess?” Cassandra said facetiously.

“I figured you would, so I made a present for you.” Alexis said as she put something on Cassandra’s chest. It was a seashell bikini like the kind she wore. “Now, let’s begin.”

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