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Brenda's adventures

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The Beginning
added by Changes on 01/03/02 16:25

Our story starts at the side of a road near the outskirts of town. On the ground lies an old but shiny medallion. But this is no ordinary medallion; it has the power to
change people, to alter their bodies in mysterious ways. While wearing the medallion, if a piece of clothing comes in contact with it the wearer will transform into
the previous occupant of the clothing's body; be it human or animal. In the case of an unworn piece of clothing coming in contact with the medallion, the medallion
will transform the wearer's body to the specifications of that piece of clothing. The person changed will also find that they cannot be changed again until half a day
has passed.

But be warned! The medallion is known for disappearing if not constantly under watch, which could leave someone in a form in which they do not want.

The medallion is waiting for it's next host, but who will it pick?

(for more background check out This Link )

Costume jewelry in the gutter
added on 01/19/12 16:57

Walking home from school, Brenda silently wished that she did not live with her cousin, that Brian did not look like her and that they went to different high schools. As she silently wished this, her cousin Brian, who was only a day younger than Brenda, kicked at the leaves piling up on the sidewalk. As he did so, he kicked a stick into the street, disrupting some of the leaves in the gutter as he did so. A glitter of something caught his eye and commenting, "What's that," he stopped to pick up the object in question.

Not really caring for somebody's trash, Brenda ignored her cousin and continued walking, figuring that maybe she would call her best friend Jodie when she got home. A couple steps behind her, Brian yelled out, "Hey. Wait up," and quickening his pace, he hurried to catch up to his cousin, completely oblivious to the fact that she clearly did not like walking home with him.

Holding up an amulet, he told her, "Look what it found."

Barely glancing at the trinket, Brenda shrugged and commented, "It's costume jewelry, Brian. I had hundreds like it when I was a little girl."

Shaking his head, Brian exclaimed, "This is not piece of plastic. This baby is the real deal," and after a moment's thought, he mumbled, "I wonder if anybody would pay money for this or if there is a reward out for returning it to its rightful owner?" as he brushed the bits of what-not off of the amulet, noting that there was a strange image printed on it.

"It's garbage," Brenda retorted. "If it wasn't, it wouldn't be in the gutter. Nobody just drops things in the gutter. More often than anything, it is usually dropped in a public place, like on a sidewalk."

Feeling frustrated that his cousin wasn't paying attention, Brian finished brushing the rest of the debris off and holding it up, he commented, "Maybe this is the one exception. Maybe it was dropped on the sidewalk, but rolled into the gutter," he reached out for his cousin, unaware of the necklace swinging about as it touched her fleece jacket, skin, his skin and his jacket at once, and stopping her in her tracks, he said, "Would you just look at it?"

Unaware that the amulet had come in contact with her just moments previous, Brenda snatched the amulet from Brian, her hand and his hand brushing against each other in the process, and holding up the necklace, thinking that it was truly hideous looking thing, she commented in off-tone, "It's junk. Trust me," and before Brian could say or do anything, she tossed it back into the gutter, noting with some pleasure that it clinked against the cement, rolled a bit and then slipped down the storm drain a couple feet from where she and her cousin where standing.

Glaring at Brenda, Brian sputtered for a moment and then exclaimed, "Why do you have to be such a bitch sometimes?" and pushing past her, he continued on without her, giving the storm drain a passing glance as he past it.

Behind him, Brenda shrugged and thought, "What a dick. All this over a stupid piece of costume jewelry," and looking at the drain, she decided that it was for the better, she resumed her walk home, thinking that her cousin might walk home without her from here out, something she came to conclusion was a really good thing as she passed the drain without a second glance.

Brenda starts to be come Brian who starts to become Brenda
added on 01/26/12 14:36

Walking the next block and a half home, glad that her cousin has taken off ahead of her, Brenda was left to her thoughts, which kept going back to the costume jewelry that Brian had found and insisted that it was more than just some piece of junk. A twinging sensation in her abdomen caused her to absently rub at her stomach as her thoughts shifted to her monthly.

As she wondered if was possible for her to get her period at least a week to a week and a half earlier than what she had come to expect, Brenda walked up the front walk of the house shared by her mom, her aunt Carter and Uncle Joseph. Stepping through the door, the bloated feeling in her abdomen shifting lower, she slammed the door and dropped her book bag in frustration at what she thought of as Brian's stupidity and the way she was suddenly feeling.

"Don't slam the door," her aunt Carter called out as she passed by, stopped and then added, "Brian will you please empty the trash bins?" as she looked directly at Brenda.

Confused, Brenda blinked a moment as her aunt disappeared and after a moment, she called out, "But. Why do I have to do it?" and starting to follow her aunt, she stopped after a couple feet as her uncle's voice called out from the living room, "Brian. Stop arguing with your mother and do as she told you."

Unsure what was going, thinking that there was some great big hoax being played at her expense, Brenda huffed in frustration as the bloated feeling settled into her groin area.

Ten minutes later, Brenda kicked off her shoes and hung up her jacket, her thoughts on taking a shower and slipping into her favourite pair of sweats and shirt occupying her mind as she headed up the stairs and to her room. Noticing that the light to her room was on, she paused for a moment and running a hand across her abdomen and groin, she decided that she would also take something for the discomfort, just as soon as she figured out why her bedroom light was on.

Pushing open the door, she gazed around the room and then stopped when she saw Brian sitting in front of her vanity, a dazed look upon his face. But it wasn't so much the look on his face, but the fact that he was wearing her favourite pair of pink pants and her purple shirt.

"What the hell are you..." Brenda began, but then immediately stopped as a bout of cramps nearly caused her to double up in pain.

Peering over at his cousin, the look of confusion deepening, Brian shrugged and commented, "I don't know. I came home a couple seconds before you and without thinking about, came up here and changed into what I thought was something to relax in."

Another bout of cramps washed through Brenda's groin and abdomen and then she felt something push first against her underwear, than push past her underwear as what felt like something exited her body.

"I don't understand it," Brian continued. "Suddenly I want to wear these pink, cotton pants. Like to wear them. And I think this purple shirt goes well and shows off just the right amount of cleavage. Which is strange in and of itself as I don't have cleavage, but for some reason I know that I wear a C cup size bra."

Ignoring her cousin's rambling, Brenda turned about and hurried out of the room and towards the bathroom, aware that for some reason her stance and the way she walked had for some reason changed. Closing the door, she pulled up on the skirt she was wearing and gazed down, a sense of dread welling up in her as she took in the oddity that was now thrusting its way past her underwear and down a couple inches her leg.

Gingerly she touched it, all too aware what a penis looked like and then drew back her hand at how sensitive it felt, especially around the head. Reaching up, she grasped the hem of her underwear and pulled down as the thought about how perverted she was for wearing girl's underwear came to mind.

As she gazed at what was clearly a penis and set of testicles that now took up the area that only moments ago was smooth and flat, Brenda asked herself, "How is this possible," as she let go of her dress and then began to fidget with it as it could be clearly seen that she had a set of male reproduction and genitalia that poked just past the edge of her skirt.

"This is intolerable," Brenda thought as she quit fidgeting and decided that what she needed was something better than a skirt, "Which only a pervert would wear," she figured, and exiting the bathroom, she headed back down the hallway.

But instead of heading toward her room, she instead walked into Brian's room, comfortable with everything around her as she headed for the dresser and took out a pair of boxer briefs, a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. Dressing, comfortable with what she was wearing, Brenda suddenly remembered her cousin and then, realising where she was and what she was wearing, she stopped for a moment, picked up the clothes she had just been wearing and headed out of what she was starting to think of as her room.

"I've got a problem," Brian announced as way of greeting Brenda as she entered the room and dumped the clothes she was carrying onto the bed.

Glancing at her cousin, she asked, "You've got a problem?"

A nod from Brian and standing, without further explanation, he pulled down the pants he was wearing, exposing himself from the waist down as he said, "I cannot find my penis and testicles. But at the same time, I know that I have a vulva and my reproductive organs are up inside my body."

Suddenly feeling uncomfortable, mostly at the fact that her cousin was exposing himself, "Or would it be herself?" Brenda wondered, (s)he turned away, telling Brian, "Ugh. Pull up your pants," in the process.

Complying, Brian sat back down and after a moment asked, "Why is this happening?"

"I don't know," Brenda replied. "But we have to find out why and reverse it. I, for one, do not really like the idea of become a boy."

Brian, looking down, made no response and standing Brenda began to walk back in forth, trying to sort out the what and why of what was happening. "This has to be some sort of spell," she finally announced, to which Brian made a whimpering noise and when Brenda told him to focus, he whispered, "My chest feels weird," as he stood and moved toward the bed.

Watching Brian climb into the bed, Brenda wanted to do something to snap her cousin out of whatever had suddenly come over him. Unable to think of anything, (s)he finally said, "I'll be in my room," and turning about, she marched out of what had once been her room and into the room that had once belonged to her cousin, positive that it was her room and had always been her room. Booting up the computer in the corner, she silently cursed her cousin and his unhelpful attitude and deciding to deal with him at a later point, she began her search for ways a girl could turn into a man and vice versa.

A possible way back?
added on 01/30/12 14:33

At some point, Brenda wasn't sure when, she stopped viewing herself as a girl and as a boy. And about this time he stopped thinking of himself as Brian and not Brenda. But, somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that he was not Brian and that he was in fact Brenda. And when his cousin wandered in a couple hours later, moping and complaining about her chest, he just mentally confirmed that they indeed had somehow switched bodies.

"But how?" he asked himself as he revised his search and entered different parameters into the online search engine.

Sitting on his bed, Brenda commented, "This is totally unreal. When you were a girl, did you ever have the problem where your breasts got in the way," and shifting about, Brenda muttered something about a bra and the joyless prospect of having to live the rest of her life this way.

"When I was a girl," Brian responded. "My breasts grew in at a natural pace and not within the space of a couple hours," and glancing at the digital clock on his bedside, he noted that it was almost six and that this oddity of him and Brenda becoming each other had begun nearly three hours ago. Turning his attention back to the computer, he was just about to try another search, when he stopped.

Halfway down the page there was a short article about magick items that were thought to do just what he had been looking for. Clicking on the link, Brian began to browse the page as his cousin started to whine about the prospect of her monthly and how her thoughts were shifting into a feminine frame of mind.

"The necklace," he whispered as he found an article about an amulet from or made by some cult or person calling themselves, or itself, Zulo.

Standing, feeling like a fog was lifting, barely hearing what Brenda was saying now, Brian ran a hand through his short hair, wondered when it gotten so short and glancing at his cousin, he muttered, "Be right back," and taking off out of his room, he tore down the stairs, stopped to grab a flashlight from the linen closet in the laundry room and telling his mom, "Be right back," he hurried out the back door as she called out to him that dinner was almost ready.

As he retraced his steps, Brian wondered how it was that something appeared to be nothing more than costume jewelry could possibly cause a person to change into something or someone else. When he reached the first storm drain, he shined the flashlight down into it, but found that it was empty.

"Maybe it got washed away," he thought, worrying that maybe he will have to live the rest of his life like a boy, always troubled, slightly, by the fact that at one time he had been a girl.

Hurrying across the street, Brian shined the flashlight down through the grating and was just about to move on when a glint of bright metal caught the light. Lying down on the ground, Brian attempted to force his hand down the storm drain, but found that his hands and arms were much too big to get very far.

Frustrated, he looked up and around him, trying to think of some way he could get the amulet back. Standing, he began to walk back and forth, not really wanting to go far from the drain, fearing that if he did, the amulet might disappear. A thought comes to him and shining the flashlight on various parts of the nearby boulevard, Brian eventually located a thick enough stick. Returning to the storm drain, he adjusted the light so that he could see and dipping the stick down between the grating, he began his attempts to try and fish the amulet out.

After what felt like several long hours, it was actually only about fifteen minutes, and several times having to get a new stick because he kept breaking the one he had, Brian eventually managed to get to amulet hooked. Slowly bring it up, he grasped it in his hands, fearing to let it go and that he would somehow drop it back into the storm drain.

Collecting the flashlight, he stood and moved a couple steps away from the drain and shining the light on the amulet, he brushed the bits of debris off the trinket, unable to fully make out the imprinted detail. Pocketing the necklace, he clicked off the amulet and began the walk home. Letting himself in, he was immediately greeted by his father, who started hollering at him that dinner was on the table and that his mother was worried because he had taken off without so much as a word as to where he was going.

Unsure how to tell his father about the amulet, Brian instead shrugged and explained that he had dropped something he needed for class, that he was unable to find it and that he would need to get another copy from the teacher.

"I don't care," his father replied gruffly as he turned away and headed for the dining room.

Following after his father, Brian made a quick detour to the linen closet, where he returned the flashlight, and then to the bathroom, where he washed up, knowing that he was saving himself from another verbal tongue lashing, this time from his mother, who would be upset that he had come to the table dirty.

Brian becomes Brenda who becomes Brian
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Dinner passed, in Brian's opinion, awfully slow and afterward he couldn't wait to try the necklace. During the course of the meal, he noted that Brenda remained silent and when his aunt Cheryl commented on it, Brenda muttered about being tired, not feeling the best and that she would probably just go to bed early tonight. When he had finished, he asked to be excused, but was told that he would just have to wait, as tonight was his turn to help with the dishes.

When he had done with that, Brian found that he still could do anything with the amulet as his father wanted to make sure he had done his homework and insisted upon going over it once he finished it. By the time Brian was actually able to get away to look at the amulet, it was nine o'clock and his cousin had gone to bed.

Frustrated and upset, a fear that he might be stuck as a boy for the rest of his life, he returned to his room and once again sat down in front of his computer, this time knowing what he was searching for as he typed the information into the computer. When he found the information of Amulet of Zulo, he began to read, taking in as much as he could, noting with particular interest that it would only work once every twelve hours and would not work under certain conditions, including if the subject was pregnant, which he knew Brenda wasn't so figured he didn't have to worry about that.

The sound of his mother asking him if he was getting ready for bed interrupted his searching and clicking off the computer he replied, "Yeah," and figuring that he won't be able to try and undo what has happened until about three in the morning, he collected what he needed for his evening shower and started to get ready for bed.

Half an hour later, lying on his bed, staring up at the darkened ceiling, Brian thought about all that happened, doubt working its way in as he wondered if maybe this was some type of hoax or if he was going crazy.

"I mean," he thought. "How many people actually turn into something else, especially when coming in contact with some amulet?"

Unsure how he could possibly answer this, he slipped his hand underneath his pillow and touched the necklace, confirming that it was still there and hadn't vanished like the online sites he had found said that it often did. Taking his hand out from underneath his pillow, Brian let his mind wander, thinking of how he missed being a girl, how it was impossible that he had ever been a girl and some of the pains that he had when he had been a girl.

Telling himself, "It will all be over in the morning," he rolled over on his side and stared out into his darkened bedroom, lying like that before he drifted off to sleep hours later.

In the morning, Brian awoke to the sound of his alarm clock going off and hastily shutting it off, he reached underneath his pillow, searching for the Amulet of Zulo. Finding it was still were he left it, he snatched it up and headed out of his room and down the hallway, listening for any sounds that would tell him if anybody else was up.

When he reached Brenda's room, he knocked and after a moment, a sleepy voice called out, "What is it?"

"May I come in?" Brian asked, and then added, "It's urgent," feeling that it was as he gripped the necklace so tightly, it would probably leave a temporary imprint in his hand later.

The voice of Brenda called out, "Whatever," and opening the door, Brian let himself in.

"I have the answer to our problem," he announced as he headed for his cousin's bed and sitting down, he opened his hand fully and showed her the amulet.

Gazing at the trinket, she eventually asked, "And this will do what?"

Sighing in frustration, Brian told her, "It should undo whatever it was that happened last night. For it was what caused us to become one another when I, or you, or somebody, whatever, found it and..."

He faltered, unsure exactly how it was the medallion worked and glancing at Brenda, hoping that she would have an idea, he was disappointed to see that she clearly did not know. Something she back up by asking, "And what then? Are we supposed to say something?"

"I don't know," Brian answered. "I didn't get that far in my research," and handing the amulet over to his cousin, their hands touching each other briefly as the medallion transferred from one person to the other, he stood and began walking back and forth, searching for some answer, hating the fact that he had not fully done the research before bothering his cousin.

"Brian?" Brenda called out, interrupting his thoughts. "Brian? Is something different about your hair?"

Stopping, Brian thought, "My hair?" and looking about, he spotted the mirror that Brenda kept hanging on the back of her bedroom door.

As he headed toward it, a weird sensation began to form inside his abdomen and groin, making him think that if he could feel a flower unfolding its petals this was what it would feel like. Peering into the reflective device, he nearly cried out in shock and joy as he saw that his hair was nearly down to his shoulders and that his face had already started to take on a feminine appearance.

Glancing back at his cousin, who was starting to look more like a boy then a girl, he said, "Somehow it's working," as she said almost the same thing.

Moments passed, most of those Brian spent before the mirror, watching the transformation take places and when he had finally become a Brenda again, he sighed and commented, "It feels good to be me again," and turning to look at Brian, who was back to his original self, she added, "And I swear, I'll try to go a little easier on you from now on."

From where he sat on Brenda's bed, still wearing the pants and shirt he had put on something after coming home from school, Brian smiled and told her, "Me too," and looking down at the amulet, he added, "Do you want this thing?"

Shaking her head, Brenda headed for her dresser, saying as she did, "You can keep it. Or get rid of it. Whichever you want."

A nod from Brian as he stood and started to leave, but stopped and glanced down, remembering what he was wearing. Looking back at his cousin, he told her, "I'll return these clothes in a minute," but noted she did not appear to hear him as she was busy going through the top drawer.

Heading back to his room, glad that he was his old self again, and that his father and mother weren't up yet as they would have a fit if they caught him wearing Brenda's clothes, Brian thought about dumping the amulet into the trash, or even back down the storm drain that his cousin had tossed it down the previous evening. Instead, he placed it in the top drawer of his desk and began to get ready for school, dropping the clothes he slept in on the bed instead of returning them to Brenda right away, his mind on other matters at the moment.

Implications and troubling thoughts
added on 01/30/12 16:16

Catching the bus, he sat down next to Marcus and Jake, barely aware of what he was doing or what they were saying, his thoughts on something else at the moment. As Marcus and Jake horsed around, Brian found himself wondering how it was that a necklace could do what it had done, sure that it had not been a dream. He pondered over whether there had been any lasting effects.

"Hey man," Marcus called out. "What's with you? You're like a million miles away."

Shrugging, Brian told them, "Didn't get much sleep last night," to which Jake made a wise crack about how Brian had been too busy fantasising about the girl in the morning math class he spent most of the time staring at.

"Yeah," Marcus chimed in. "Fantasising with one hand," to which Jake started to laugh even louder than he was already was.

Grinning sheepishly, Brian comment, "Cut it out," in an off-hand manner and then switched the topic, deciding that what he really did not need to be doing was worrying about the amulet and what it had done, figuring that what was done was done.

Arriving at school, Brian, Marcus and Jake headed for the morning math class, but paused when he saw the cute girl he had been staring at for the past couple weeks, trying to work up his nerve to talk with her. Behind him, Marcus prodded him in the back and whispered, "Go for it, Romeo," as Jake made some smart comment about Brian being a regular Casanova.

Unsure, he glanced back at Marcus and Jake, but found himself disappointed that the two were now punching each other in the arm and turning away, he silently told himself, "Just go up, introduce yourself, say you name or same anything," and shifting his backpack, he glanced once more at Jake and Marcus before steadying himself mentally, his stomach feeling like it was doing flips as he started to walk over to the girl he had looking at and wanting ask out.

Approaching her desk, he noticed that her shirt was tight and hugged her in just the right manner. The jean jacket she was wearing accented what her shirt showed and the denim skirt she was wearing showed off just how smooth her legs were. Clearing his throat, he shifted his backpack and before he could stop himself, he said, "That's a lovely shade of lip-gloss. Is it the new berry sensation being sold at Fashion U?"

Suddenly realising what he had just said, Brian glanced about as the girl asked him, "What?" and seeing that nobody had heard him, Brian fidgeted where he was standing, wondering what he should say.

To his horror, the girl sitting one desk over had apparently heard him as she comment, "I do believe he likes your lip-gloss," and then began to giggle as Mandy, the girl he had been dying to meet and apparently blown his chance of ever properly doing so, glared at the giggling girl and then Brian before commenting, "Are you some type of weirdo?"

Thinking fast, Brian shook his head and mumbled something about it being a dare, to which the giggling girl began to laugh harder. Feeling out of place, Brian hastily turned about and started to where he normally sat as the giggling girl commented, "Hey, pretty boy. I got some eye liner to go with the lip-gloss," to which Mandy said, "Shut up, Twyla."

"How it go, Romeo?" Marcus asked as Brian dropped his backpack and then sat down.

Glancing over at his best friends, Brian shrugged and lamely replied, "It could have gone better," as he began to pull out his notebook and a pencil.

One the other side of Marcus, Jake made another wisecrack, but before Brian could say anything, their math teacher entered and silence slowly fell over the class as Mr Hench began to lecture on Algebra and the material they would be covering for the rest of the hour.

Barely able to focus, Brian wondered why he had asked Mandy about lip-gloss and doodling on his paper, he pondered over whether there had been any lasting effects of using the amulet.

"Suppose I am turning back into a girl," he thought, horrified at such a notion as he remembered how his body felt, the fact that his mind had been suddenly preoccupied with things he had never thought to think about before and the terrifying feeling of his chest expanding out until it was in the way of pretty much everything he did.

Mr Hench asked him something and he answered automatically, not caring if he gave the right or wrong answer, his mind lingering on how pretty Mandy's clothes were and where she might go to have her hair done.

Shaking his head, Brian was glad for a moment when the bell rang and first period was over, but his elation faded when Jake and Marcus asked what he was doing after school and whether he wanted hang out with them at the mall for a couple hours.

For a moment, Brian almost told them, "Yeah. Sure. That would be great. There's this cute bikini I thinking of buying," but then stopped himself and merely told them, "Yeah."

"Hey pretty boy? Do you want me to pierce your ears?" Twyla asked as they passed the two girls and when Jake and Marcus each gave him a questioning look, Brian shrugged and commented, "I don't know what she's talking about," as he quickened his pace and hurried out of the classroom.

For Brian the rest of the day passed slowly, his mind more on the fact that he still was occasionally thinking the same way a girl did and when the final bell rang, he was silently glad that school was out for the day and that he wouldn't have to deal with Mandy and Twyla until Monday, which he figured gave him enough time to figure out what the heck was wrong with him.

Forgetting that he was going to mall with Jake and Marcus, he walked home, his thoughts on other matters as he joined Brenda and the two walked home in silence. Dropping his book bag by the front door and kicking off his shoes, Brian noted that his parents weren't home and as Brenda picked up the phone and started to dial whomever she normally talked to, Brian headed for his room, thinking about researching the amulet and what other effects it might have on a person.

When Brenda told him that Jake was on the phone about an hour later, Brian commented in an off-hand manner that he would call him back as he clicked open another page about the amulet, disappointed that he hadn't found anything new about people who have used the amulet but had lingering thoughts.

Taking the amulet out, Brian thought about using it to turn himself back into a girl and then back into a guy twelve hours later and hope that it undid his troubling thoughts, but quickly dismissed the notion as he did not know where to get some girl's clothes and that he certainly did not want to be a teenage girl as it had felt off the entire time he had been one.

"Maybe it would be better if I turned myself into a younger girl?" Brian asked himself, but quickly dismissed the notion as he found himself upset at the thought of doing such a thing.

Putting the amulet back, Brian immediately took if back out and stuffed it into his pocket. Clicking off his computer, he stood and began to walk about his room, finally deciding that what he should do was get some fresh air and maybe get rid of the amulet. Heading back downstairs, he grabbed his shoes and coat and slipping out the front door, he asked himself where he should dispose of the amulet and instead began to wander, his thoughts in a right turmoil as he found himself suddenly indecisive about getting rid of the amulet.

Brenda's troubling thoughts
added by Iphis on 01/30/12 20:34

Brenda was listening to the chatting of her friends Lisa and Jenny when she felt a strange emotion.

Boredom. What was the point of this endless, vacuous chatter? Jenny was launching into a description of an outfit she had seen and was planning to buy. Why should Brenda care? "Y'wanna go the arcade after class, play some Lazer Tag?" she asked.

"Duh, I'm going to get this outfit! Yeesh, Brenda, what's the matter with you?" asked Jenny.

"I gotta go" Brenda mumbled, then shambled off. Somehow her tread had gotten more heavy-footed. In class she slouched at her desk, rather than sit up straight.

What's the matter with me, she thought. Why am I acting like a guy?

Like a guy--OH NO--was the amulet still affecting her somehow? She inspected herself in the bathroom--after just catching herself before she went into the boy's bathroom--and saw that she was definitely anatomically female, but something felt kind of off. She scratched her crotch and belched.

Brenda couldn't work up the nerve to ask Brian if the same thing was happening, but on the way home she noticed how he kept smoothing his hair in a feminine way.

When Brian left the house to dispose of the medallion, Brenda decided now was the time to confront him.

Mystical malfunction
added on 01/31/12 00:01

A conflicting washed over Brian as he wandered. On one hand, he wanted desperately to get rid of the amulet, but at the same time he wanted to use the thing to maybe end the thoughts that were troubling him. He thought about maybe talking to somebody, but the only people he could think of was his cousin, something he wasn't sure about since he could not think how she would take it if she found that her cousin was a raving loony, and, for some reason, Brenda's friends, which he could only remember that one of them was named Jodie.

"What is the matter with me?" he huffed in agitation as he looked at his watch, surprised that it was about fifteen minutes after five and that he had been wandering for a little over an hour.

Thinking, "Besides. Even if I tried to use the amulet, it wouldn't work for another two hours," he kicked at a small pile of leaves, the feeling of being conflicted growing as he decided that maybe going to the mall and browsing the various stores would help him sort out what he was feeling.

Suddenly realising that what he was really was thinking of doing was visiting several clothes shops, including a popular one called Fashion U, he took the amulet out of his pocket and thought once again about chucking it into the bushes. Instead of doing that, Brian turned about, thought for a moment he saw somebody that looked a bit like Brenda about a block back and headed in a new direction away from the mall, thinking that staying away from stores would help clear his mind.

Unaware that nearly two hours had passed, Brian eventually wandered into a department store, barely aware that he was somewhere on the north side of town, only that he was torn between what he considered to be rather feminine thoughts and what he thought to be his normal masculine thoughts. Heading for the pay telephones, he picked up the receiver and punched in the information for his calling card his mother had purchased for him a couple months ago and then began to dial his home phone number. When his mother answered, he quickly explained that he was not going to be home for dinner and that he was going to get something to eat with his friends and possibly spend the night with one of them.

After he had concluded his phone call, upset that he had lied to his mother, Brian merely stood there for a couple minutes, staring down at the amulet of Zulo that he still held in his hand, thinking, "This is all your fault," but still finding himself unable to dispose of the necklace.

Turning away from the pay telephones, he thought that he caught sight of his cousin again and for a moment thought about confronting her to find out if she was following him.

"But why would she?" Brian asked himself, unsure why Brenda would be doing something like that.

Figuring that as long as he was here, he might as well as take a look around, Brian turned away from the direction he had thought he had seen Brenda and heading past the cash registers, he began to make his way through the clothes section for children. A clattering noise caused him to stop and looking back, he saw that a thin line of thread was attached from him to some garment lying on the floor.

Closer inspection revealed that it had somehow become snagged on the chain part of the necklace and untangling it, accidentally touching the amulet part, but thinking that nothing could come of it since he wasn't actually touching any form of clothing, Brian shoved the trinket in his pocket and walked back the couple of feet to pick up the article of clothing, noting that it was a one-piece underwear with long sleeves with a tag that announced it was made by a company called Dance-Kin, while at the same time he thought it was kind of cute and knew that it was for girls that took dance classes, including ballet.

Shoving the garment on top of the rack, Brian shook his head and muttered, "Got to get out of here," and turning away from the rack of Dance-Kin brand clothes, he hurried out of the clothes section.

As he passed the jewelry counter, he noted that it was unmanned at the moment and figuring that as soon as he ditched the amulet he would feel better, Brian fished the necklace from his pocket and after another moment's thought, dropped it on the counter. Turning away, thinking, "It's for the best," he hurried out of the store, happy when he saw the bus pulling up and running toward it, he hoped on.

Taking a seat next to two girls, he was startled to see that one of them was Jodie and when she greeted him, he found himself settling into a frame of ease as he greeted her.

When she asked where it was he was going, he shrugged and comment, "Just wandering," and nodding in her direction, he asked, "You?" to which she told him that she was taking her younger sister, Brittany, to her evening recital and then asked if he would like to join them.

Completely caught off guard, Brian shrugged once again and commented, "Sure," as he felt that weird sense of ease slipping over him even more as the conflicted feeling left him. And when Brittany asked him something, he answered immediately without giving it a second thought, not realising that what she had just asked was something only a girl would know how to answer.

And when the three disembarked from the bus, Brian actually found himself enjoying himself, forgetting for the moment his worries about the amulet of Zulo as he, Jodie and Brittany walked toward the recital hall were Brittany had here evening dance lessons.

Brenda's adventures
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But once Brenda got outside, she discovered that she really didn't want to confront Brian. Instead, she decided to shadow him and see how feminized he really had become.

And the answer to that question was pretty feminized, as he stood in shop windows gazing at displays of women's shoes and outfits. But Brenda felt different as well. As a girl, she had always been a little nervous being out at night, staying in the brightly lit areas whenever possible. Now, that just didn't seem that important.

"'Zup, dude?" came from a boy Brenda recognized as one of Brian's friends. Couldn't he see she was a girl?

"Just cruisin'" she heard herself answer.

"Wanna get wasted?"

"Pass." she moved on, marveling at the efficiency with which guys communicated.

She continued to track Brian, into the department store, and saw him lay the amulet on the counter. What was the silly bitch thinking? How were they ever going to get back into their normal psychological genders without the magic of the amulet? She moved to the counter to pick the amulet up, but just then the counter clerk came back.

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