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Jesse, The Teen Muscle Monster

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added on 07/28/11 10:56

Jesse walked out of the bar at the Beverly Hills Beach Club carrying 3 drinks. One for Himself, one for Brittany and the last one for Alexis. "here you go Ladies," he said as he placed the drinks on the table next to the Beach chair when he then layed on. "Thankyou Jesse," Alexis said in a sexy voice as she sipped at her beverage. Brittany leaned in to grab her drink, but instead she began to rub Jesse's large chest, complimenting how muscular he was. Alexis then joined in. Both girls where all over him and this made his 7 inch penis begin to harden. The Girls noticed it and then smiled. Jesse then stood up and picked up each girl in each arm and he took them into his room at the Beach Club.
He carried them though the front door and then let them down onto thier feet. He looked down at them as they admired his 6 foot 6 height. He walked over to the bed and ripped off his shorts then layed down. Both girls took of thier clothes and revealed thier sexy, gothic styled Lingere. This made Jesse hard again. The girls approached the beast of a man on the bed and they began to slowly strip.
Music started to play as the sexy women creeped onto Jesse's muscular body. They began rubbing him and kissing him. His Penis was at its biggest now and so Alexis took it out from his boxers and lowered her mouth onto it.
"Jesse! Get ready," Brittany said as she took over from Alexis.
"Jesse! It's quarter passed 8!" Alexis whispered in his ear
"Jesse! Im not telling you again! Get the fuck up!"

The sexy Girls disappeared as Jesse opened his eyes.
"Jesse, get ready for school." He saw his mother standing in the doorway of his tiny bedroom and he realised that it was all a dream.
As he took his pyjamas off when he got to the bathroom, he looked at himself in the mirror and realised how pathetic he looked. Like he did every morning. He wished that he was the man in his dreams, not the scrawny little boy he was in reality. He stood there for a short while imagining what it would be like, before he realised that he needed to go for his shower very soon.

It was 8:30am as Jesse rushed out his front door and headed down the street to get his bus. He went to a school in Melbournes Easten Suburbs called Heathmont Secondary College, so he had a fair bit of travelling from his home in Kilsyth.
He got off his bus at Croydon Station, and there they were. 'The Croydon Boys' they called themselves. They hung out at skate parks usually and they were all massive compared to Jesse. They were all in Year 10, same as Jesse and they go to his school as well. Ever since year 7 they had made his life a misery.
"What the Fuck are you doing here?" The leader, Ben said when Jesse came to the bus port. "Im waiting for the bus to school, like every morning," Jesse stammered. "That'll be right, ya gay cunt. You love waiting for the bus to school coz yoou cant wait to perv on all the guys in the change rooms in P.E." The rest of the Croydon Boys laughed at Ben's remark.
"I dont even do P.E anymore..." jesse said, still stammering. "Thats coz your GAY!" another Croydon Boy said, his name was Tim. Ben gave Tim a stare that meant 'Shut the fuck up' then he grabbed Jesse by the coller and pulled him closer to himself. "Are you Arking?" He asked. Jesse didnt know what to say, so he just gulped and hoped that Ben wouldnt hurt him. Ben started to laugh and then threw Jesse to the ground. "Bus is here fagget, we'll continue this at lunch." Benturned and pushed his way onto the bus first and sat right up the back, followed by his spineless mates. Jesse got up and sowly tried to get his act together so he could board the bus.

It was 4 oclock when Jesse got home. He instantly went to his room and layed down on his bed. He got his iPod from his bedside table and put on his saddest Evanescence playlist and he soon drifted off to sleep. He dreamt of Brittany and Alexis again and all they did together was had sex. When Jesse woke up, he thought about how much he hated his life and he began to cry. He felt even worse when he thought about the fact that he was a 16 year old boy who was curled up on his bed cring his eyes out. "No wonder the other guys make fun of me, im pathetic!" he thought.

A week went passed and his mum announced that they were moving away from Melbourne and into the Country. "I found a nice house up in Wangaratta and it will be cheaper to live in rather than this old shack," She said. Jesse was so excited. He couldnt wait to move away from Ben and 'The croydon boys' and all the other fuck heads at Heathmont College.

A month and a half had passed and Finally, Jesse and his parents were on thier way to thier new house in Wangaratta. Jesse felt like it was a second chance for him. He had still been copping a heap of shit from everyone at Heathmont, but he didnt let it get him down because he knew he was getting out of Kilsyth and Melbourne, and he wouldnt return until he was better and richer than them all.

"Here we are!" His Mum said as they pulled into the driveway of thier new home. "Wow! it looks so much bigger than our old house," Jesse Exclaimed. "Its still tiny." Jesse's Dad said. He wasnt too keen on the idea of moving, but he had to because he wasnt getting much work in Melbourne, so he was pretty much forced to go along with what his wife wanted. "Shut up Gordan!" She said.
Jesse went inside and his Mum directed him to where his room was. He was amazed because it was almost twice the size of his old bedroom. "Oh, by the way, you start school tomorrow, i got it organized quicker than i expected." his mum said. Jesse rolled his eyes.

8am and Jesse's alarm went off and it was a race against the clock to get ready and get to the bus stop on time. He left his house at 8:20 and started to walk down the road to get the bus.
"Hey!" He heard a manly voice call out to him. He turned around to see a kid that looked to be his age, only bigger. Much bigger actually, even bigger than all of The Croydon Boys back in Melbourne. "Didnt you just move in Yesterday?" The kid asked. "Yeah..." Jesse relplied. "Are you catching the school bus to school?" "Yeah..." The kid laughed. "Your going the wrong way. The bus stop is this way." The kid pointed Jesse in the right direction. "Uhh, Thanks.." Jesse said, still in awe of how big this kid was.
"Im Callum by the way," he said. "Im Jesse." "What year are you in?" Callum asked. "Year 10," Jesse replied. "You?" "Seriously?" Callum sounded shocked. "Im in year 8, you dont look like a year 10." Jesse already had his defences up. "Well you dont look like a Year 8!" He snapped. Callum looked away, "sorry, i didn't mean to offend you." He said. Jesse lowered his head in embarresment. "If it makes you feel any better, Im a Bodybuilder so im big for my age," Callum said. "No kidding," Jesse said. Callum Laughed. "I get that a lot." Jesse Laughed.

As the weeks passed, Jesse settled in really well. He made lots of friends at school and was invited to most of the parties. He got himself a Grilfriend, Katey, and they began to have sex. Jesse became good friends with Callum and started going to the Gym with him, and it was obviously paying off because he had gotten somewhat bigger.
"Good sesh tonight eh," Callum said as him and jesse exited the Gym. "Yeah, I'm getting good results, but i dont understand how you become as big as what you are." Jesse said. "Since i met you 2 months ago, i reckon you've nearly doubled in size. How is that Possible?" Callum laughed. "ya really wanna know?" Jesse nodded. Callum lead him into an alleyway and then reached into his Gym bag. Jesse was a little confused and a little excited. Callum pulled out a shiny blue colored ball, about the size of a marble. He handed it to Jesse. He looked puzzled. "what the fuck?" jesse said. Callum gave him a special drink bottle. "Swallow it ya twat." Jesse shrugged and did as Callum said. Callum backed up a little and told Jesse to stay where he was. "I dont want to blow up." Callum said. This worried Jesse. "what's it gunna do to me? You better not have drugged me!" Jesse realized that his voice sounded deeper and manlier. It sounded scary when he was yelling.
He felt all weird and tingley. He felt like he was going to pass out. "You... arse..hole.." he slowly slurred his words. The feeling stopped and he suddenly felt normal. Then he felt himself growing taller. "What the shit!?" He yelled. He scared himself with his deep and manly voice. His arms, chest and shoulders began to grow bigger. He grew to be the size of Callum, but he didnt stop there.
His singlet ripped off when he became to big for it and he still kept growing. He saw his abs develop and became ripped. His legs began to grow and so did his feet. His size 10 feet broke out of his shoes. His legs finally stopped growing and he had to cut off his shorts because they were so tight. Once he managed to to that, he relized that he had stopped growing.
Callum stood there, dumbfounded. "Mate! You're a fucking beast!" He said. "I fucking know!" Jesse said as he flexed his massive arms. He had grown from a skinny 5 foot 9 boy, to a 6 foot 8 muscular man! He felt great. He had always secretly envied Callums Phisique, but now he was a good head taller than him and heaps more muscular. "Thanks Callum," he said as he patted him on the head. This pissed Callum off. "Just because he's older." He mumbled.
Jesse decided to go pay a visit to his girlfriend. He thought that she should see what he looks like before anyone else. He got to her house and snuck up to her bedroom. "Jesse!?" Katey asked. she was also shocked. "hey babe! Check me out. How much hotter do i look?" He started flexing every muscle on his body. Katey was turned on as she touched her boyfriends massive muscles. "You're even bigger than Callum!" she said. "How did this happen?" Jesse lifted her up with one arm. "i'll explain later," he said, "Now, lets go fuck somewhere!" Katey blushed and nodded. She was really excited to have sex with this incredible mucular beast.

2 weeks passed after Jesse's Transformation, and he was loving it. He was the biggest kid in the school and he loved shoing it to evryone. He loved being able to lift people high above his head, he loved flexing his muscles to prove his strenght. And he loved being bigger than his father. He was now over a foot taller than his dad and whenever they argued, he would just toss him into the air like nothing or he would flex his massive 25 inch guns to shut him up. Jesse could challenge anyone he wanted to an armwrestle and he would win within 5 seconds. His new strenght gave him a huge confidence boost and so he decided that he would like to pay a visit to Croydon Station.
One night, he decided to sneak out and catch a train to Melboune. He stayed at a motel in the CBD and then headed out towards Croydon nice and early on a school day. He waited at the bus port where he used to wait for his bus to school every morning. Where he was harrased every morning. He was finally going to get his revenge.
He decided to wear his tightest singlet that morning and some nike brand shorts that made him look more muscular. He waited for about 15 minutes when he finally saw 'The Croydon Boys' approaching. At first, they didnt reconize him. When Ben realized who he was, he knew exactly what was going to happen to him.
"Jesse? Jesse Newham?" He said with a slight stammer. "Thats right Ben." Jesse smirked at him. "what a lovely surprise!" Ben said. He was shitting himself now. Jesse stood up, revealing his superior height. Ben was only 6 foot 2 and he looked like a midget compared to jesse now. Ben stared at his muscles in horror. "Now who's a gay cunt!?" Jesse yelled. His deep, manly voice boomed through Ben and the rest of the Croydon Boys. They were all shitting themselves now.
Then the bus arrived and they all hurried onto the bus, except for ben who couldnt get his act together in time. He started to head to the bus door but jesse grabbed him. "Where do you thing your going, Mate!" Jesse's manly voice scared Ben now.
Jesse waited for the bus to leave and so there wasnt many people left at the station anymore. He smiled at Ben and then lifted him in the air with one hand. "Wow. You are really short." Jesse said. Ben was frozen in fear and he couldnt speak. "look at your arms. They're tiny. What are they? 15 inches? 16 inches?" Jesse laughed. He was having so much fun. "They are nothing compared to my 25 inch guns!" he Flexed his other bicep and made Ben feel it. Jesse thought this was hilarious. He made him feel how muscular his chest was and how ripped his abs were. Ben realized that Jesse was more muscular than what he thought. He was even more scared of Jesse now.
"You're Pathetic!" Jesse boomed as he threw ben to the ground. "How the fuck do you like it!? Well!?" Ben stared up at Jesse. Jesse cleched his fists "ANSWER ME!" He boomed. "ahhh! I dont! I dont like it at all!" Ben stammered. "Please dont hurt me Jesse!" Jesse began to laugh histerically. "Now How many times did i say that to you? And what did you do?" Jesse was angry now. He leant down and grabbed Ben by the coller and lifted him off the ground. He flexed his Massive bicep before he punched Ben square in the face. He dropped him to the ground again, and Ben slowly got up to his feet. His eyes met with Jesse's Massive Chest. "did i say you could get up?" Jessed asked. He punched ben in the check, sending him a few meters backwards. He landed on his arse and began to cry. Jesse knelt down next to him. "Now you know how i felt." He said. He was mad any more, his voice was calm. He didnt really want to hurt Ben, he just wanted him to know what i felt like so that he might not treat people like that anymore.
"See ya round Ben." Jesse said as he got up and walked toward the train platforms. Ben watched him walk away, still in awe of how huge this kid was.
As Jesse was waiting for the train back to the City, he saw a familliar face that came to sit next to him. "Jesse Newham?" She said. Jesse realized that it was Alisha Robertson. The Hottest Babe at Heathmont College. When Jesse left, she had been going out with Ben.
"I saw what you did to Ben," she said. "And im proud of you." Jesse looked up at her in shock. "You seem shocked that i would say that?" she asked. "Well, yeah. You were kind of a bitch to me sometimes." Jesse said. "I know, and im sorry. I hate Ben. I've hated him ever since he cheated on me with Claudia, the schools slut. Im proud of you because you were his biggest target and so you doing that to him is going to make him see things differently. He wont be such an arse to everyone now." Alisha looked as if she was going to cry. Jesse had never seen this side of her before. She was always cold and souless to him. "Well, i better go before i get caught. Im wagging ha." And with that, she got up and left.
This side of Alisha made him think. He was confused about stuff now and he needed to think things through. So he decided to go to the Gym to pump up a little.
When he walked into the Gym, everyone stared at him. He was bigger than the Biggest bodybuilders in the Gym, and they couldnt understand it. He was so much younder than them, but so much bigger. Of cousre, the Bodybulders wanted to test Jesse's Strength and so they challenged him to a few competitions.
Fistly, they wanted to see who could bench press the most. "Show us what you got," Jesse said. The biggest guy there, Antonio, he loaded 150kg on the bench press and began to try to lift. He struggled but managed to get 2 reps. Jesse laughed and told him to step aside. Jesse loaded it up to 200kg and easily got 20 reps. Everyone in the Gym was shocked. Jesse smiled and then took off his singlet to reveal all his muscles.
All the women in the Gym came to touch and feel his Muscles as he flexed and showed off. All the men glared at him in jelousy.
After all the women had gone back to thier workouts, a nice looking female bodybuilder came up to Jesse and stared to talk with him. Her name was Roseanne and she was 24. She was amazed when Jesse said that he was only 16. They worked out for a while together and she loved feeling how mighty his muscles were. She loved the fact that he could effortlessly lift her above his head. "Hey, i know what will piss Antonio off. Go up to him and lift him in the air and carry him around like a baby," Roseanne Said. Jesse laughed and agreed to do so. He approched Antonio and lifted him right above his head. Antonio was furious. He was really little compared to Jesse. He was only just 6 foot so it was really funny when Jesse carried him around in his arms.
Jesse finally let Antonio down and soon after, antonio went home. Jesse and Roseanne continued to flirt until Jesse lifted her into his arms and took her into the change rooms and locked the door. He ripped off his Shorts and revealed his Bonds underwear which showed his massive semi erected cock. Roseanne stared at it for a while before she took off all her clothes and then jumped up onto his torso and began kissing him.
He pushed her against the wall and took his fully erected out of his underwear. Roseanne looked down at the massive sex organ. "wow! Its 6 times the size of my husbands dick!" she said. Jesse smiled. "14 inches aint bad for a 16 year old." he said. She smiled and began to prepare for impact. Jesse shoved his cock into her cunt hard and firmly. He gave a thust and made Roseanne Scream really loud. The whole gym could hear her, followed by the rattling sound of them shaking the wall with each thrust. "Condom!" Roseanne shouted. She realized that they had forgotten to use a condom. "Quick, theres a machine over there!" She said, pointing to the condom dispenser on the far wall. Jesse had no money on him, so he used all his strength and punched a hole in the machine and took a condom and quickly tried to put it on. "It doesnt fit!" He yelled. "Shit!" Roseanne said. "Isnt there an extra, EXTRA large one in there?" Jesse searched through the different condoms. "I dont know, it doesnt say." He said. He stood up and looked at her. "Fuck it!" Roseanne yelled. "Im fucking horny and i want sex NOW!" Jesse smiled and walked toward her as she jumped back up on him. Again, he pushed her to the wall and made her scream louder and louader with his massive teen sex organ. "OH JESSE!" she yelled as he continued to thrust his huge penis. "Harder! HARDER!" Roseanne screamed. Jesse gave a harder thrust each time. He moaned as he began to feel like he was going to explode. He didnt want to cum inside her, but he didnt want to stop. This was the best sex he had ever had and he wanted it to go for longer.
He shoved it in and out, in and out. each time with a harder thrust. "OH MY!" Screamed Roseanne. "You're so powerful! This is the best sex i've ever had!" Jesse kept smiling. Roseanne grabbed onto the monster teen's massive arms and let the massive pole thrust into her cunt harder and harder. She was amazed by this teen's stamina and power. And the fact that he could still be going. He was a machine!
She continued to scream and they both continued to rattle the walls so that everyone else could hear them. Jesse groaned and his cum errupted into Rosanne's vagina. He continued to thrust as he came all inside her and she continued to scream ever louder until finally, the teen monster stopped.
Then they stood there for a few minutes, Roseanne still climbed up on Jesse's torso. "That was amazing." She said. "Fucking oath." Jesse said. Roseanne got down to the floor and began to put her clothes on. She just stared at the handsome beast infront of her and she knew that she wanted to have sex with this monster again.
Jesse found his underwear and shorts and put them on. He then held Roseanne in his arms as they made out. "I want to have sex with you again," Jesse said. "Same here," Roseanne smiled. She asked for his phone and then she put her phone number in his contacts. "where do you live?" Jesse asked. "Benalla. I came down here to visit my sister." Roseanne said. Jesse smiled. "Good." "good? but we're so far apart." Roseanne said. She sounded disappointed. "I live in Wangaratta." He said. They both smiled and kissed again. "Fuck buddies?" She asked. "For sure!" Jesse said.

They left the Gym together and Roseanne offered to drive Jesse home to Wangaratta. Fisrt, they stopped at a chemist and brought a box of extra EXRTA large condoms - For the long ride home. Their first stop was at a toilet stop place. They decided to do it in the back of Roseanne's car. They got down to business, only to realize that the condoms dont fit Jesse's massive 14 inch cock. But they fucked anyway.
The car shook violently from the great power and strength of Jesse's powerful thrusts. Roseanne screamed so loud, she frightened the all birds away. They fucked for half an hour before they finished up and kept on driving up the Hume Freeway. They stopped about 4 more times and fucked till they were sore. When they finally got to Wangaratta, they agreed to fuck at her house the next weekend while her husband wasnt there.
Jesse arrived home at about 6pm and then was interigated by his parents. He simply pushed his dad out of the way and told his mum where to go. Thats when they told him he was no longer welcome to live in thier house.

For about a month, he was homeless around Wangaratta and Benalla. He frequently went and visited Roseanne and they fucked all the time. About 2 weeks after they met, Roseanne discovered that she was pregnant, and she knew it was Jesse's child because she couldnt have sex with her husband because it hurt him too much. He was no match for the powerful force of Jesse. "He's such a weak little twig," Roseanne would say. She finally decided to leave her husband and she was moving into a house in Seymour with Jesse. They intended to raise thier baby together and open up a Gym for a living.
Anyway so they were moving into this house. It was a small, 3 bedroom house that they were renting. They had one bedroom for themselves, one bedroom set up for the baby and the last bedrrom set up as a home gym. It had the biggest weights that they could find in there for Jesse to use and some smaller weights for Roseanne to use when she had the baby.
"Isnt it wonderful?" Roseanne asked. "Yeah, its really something. I cant believe it was so cheap." Jesse said. "I was talking about you ,silly!" Roseanne said. Jesse laughed and then kissed her. "We are going to have a wonderful life together." Jesse said. "just you, and me, and the baby." Roseanne smiled. "It will be wonderful."
Later that week, Jesse decided to make a front fence outside the house. "We can't do that Jesse, its only a rental." Roseanne said. "I dont care. They wont take it down will they? And it will look nice anyway." Jesse said. Roseanne couldnt be bothered arguing. She was horny, but she couldnt fuck Jesse because he might kill the baby with his massive penis. Jesse had been at work for 2 hours on the fence. it was a really hot day so Roseanne was out on the front porch watching him work. He was wearing a white singlet that showed off every muscle on his torso, and it was drenched in sweat. He had the fence about half done when he stopped to take his singlet off. Roseanne just stared at the beauty of this Teen's phisique. She looked around at the neighboring houses and saw a few peeping eyes of the housewives, and one old creepy man. She knew that they were staring and admiring his body. She realized that she was lucky to have him as her boyfriend. He was handy around the house because of his superior strength and he was absolutely amazing during sex. His muscles looked so good in the sunlight, all covered in sweat and dirt. She wanted him to fuck the shit out of her, but he might also fuck the baby out of her too. She was 6 months pregnant now and she wanted to have the thing already, so she can get back to fucking Jesse and getting into shape.
"Im out of nails." Jesse said. "What?" Roseanne woke up from her little afternoon snooze. "I ran out of nails while i was building the fence..." He said. Roseanne shook her head to wake herself up. "Im gunna walk down the street and get some." Jesse said. "alright then." Roseanne said. She soon drifted back to sleep.
Jesse entered the hardware store before he realized he forgot to put his singlet back on. He went to look for the nails but a female shopkeeper spotted him first. "Can i help you there darl?" She asked. Jesse turned to look at her. "I'm just looking for nails." he said. she smiled. "I'll show you something you can nail." she said suggestivly. She didnt look like she would be able to take him. "Umm... I have a girlfriend. A pregnant Girlfriend." He said. "So?" She asked. Jesse knew this woman wasnt going to go away that easy. "Trust me, i dont think you'd be able to have sex with me." he said. The woman smiled. She didnt get that he was turning her down. She approched him and told him she's find him some nails. She lead him into an empty room then she locked the door. "Come here big boy!" She said. Jesse was still trying to be polite and trying to tell her no, but she didnt get it. She pulled down his pants and revealed his massive sex organ. "This is the biggest i've ever seen!" She exclaimed. "Yeah, i know its huge. Everyone tells me." Jesse said. This only made the woman more horny. She stripped down to her black laced lingere and then pushed Jesse backwards into a chair. Then she climbed on top and sat on his huge cock. He was surprised that it almost nearly fit, but then he thought about it and then it didnt surprise him because she seemed like a real slut. Suddenly, he got the urge to fuck and so he grabbed the woman's arse and lifted her up and carried her to the wall and then pushed her against it. "OHH! I love a strong Man!" the woman said. Jesse ripped off her underwear to reveal her cunt then he shoved in his cock and began to thrust. The woman instantly moaned and screamed. She got really loud and then Jesse relized what he was doing. His Girlfriend was sitting at home, pregnant with his child. He doesnt need to be fucking some hardware store slut. He stopped thrusting. The woman asked what was wrong. He put her down on her feet and he got dressed. "My gilrfriend is waitng for me at home, i dont need to be fucking you." he said. He kicked the door open and headed back home.
When he got there, he saw Roseanne on the front porch. He came and lifted her into his arms. She luaghed as she demanded what was going on. "I just realized that all of this is real." He said. He carried her into the bedroom and layed her down on the bed and then he layed beside her. "Im going to be a dad. We're starting a family. I cant wait to see what comes next!" He said. Roseanne Kissed him. "I love you Jesse." She said. Jesse smiled. "Thats the first time you've said that to me." Roseanne thought for a minute but was interrupted by jesse's kiss. "I love you too, babe." Jesse said.

Just over 3 months later, Roseanne and Jesse's beatiful baby girl was born.
"Delilah Rose Newham" Roseanne said. The nurse wrote the baby's name on the birth certificate. "Oh my god, she's so beautiful." Jesse said. "Of course she is, she's our daughter!" Roseanne said.

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