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CYOTF (Human)
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Ahsoka Tano Captured By Jabba the Hutt

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added on 12/11/10 15:01

After being caught by Jabba's Guards while sneaking around Jabba's Palace and spying on Jabba, Ahsoka Tano found herself in the dank, musty sandstone underbelly of Jabba the Hutt's palace on Tatooine. "What the hell?" Ahsoka's Jedi tunic had been replaced by a solid gold bikini with a barely-there wine colored skirt. A malevolent-looking droid grabbed her by the waist and slid a thick leather collar around her neck.
"Jabba does not look kindly to spies in his Palace... especially Jedi spies. but we have way of dealing with your kind. As of right now you are now... the property of... His Royal Exalted... Jabba the Hutt." the droid droned.
Ahsoka stared at herself in a nearby mirror. Three Gammorean guards entered the slave dressing chamber, the lead guard taking hold of the chain attached to the collar.

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