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added on 10/15/10 22:40

Without waiting for a response, Mark grabbed the one closest to him and approached Simon. The label "sexy" was just visible in bold letters between Mark's meaty fingers. Mark coated Simon from head to toe. Immediately, Simon's breathing became ragged as his skin started to tingle warmly. The outline of his cock became visible as it hardened, reaching its full length of 4 inches. Some snickering at his pathetic size was interrupted by a piercing shriek. Suddenly, Simon felt as though his veins were on fire. His cock began rapidly expanding, shooting up above his waistband, past his navel and settling just below his quickly developing pecs. His chest heaved out, forcing his nipples out and down, creating a shelf that loomed over his now defined 8 pack with a light treasure trail to match. A dusting of hair appeared on his legs as they thickened out, filling up whatever remnants of his boxers weren't already taken by his new and improved package. The back of his boxers were filling out too, as his flat behind matured into the perfect, muscular, football ass, lifting him higher off of the chair.

Simon's shriek become a low growl. He was unable to concentrate on his anger. All he could see was flashes of the bodies around him. He could feel the blood pulsating through his veins as he felt his arms and shoulders swell, becoming hard and round. Veins began to crawl up his forearms to his biceps. His neck grew thicker as his jawline became more square. A five o'clock shadow appeared where before Simon was barely capable of peach fuzz. Sweat began to bead on his forehead, which was now partially covered by sexily tousled, dark rich hair. His skin glistened, aching to be touched. Simon was now a walking wet dream.

Simon closed his eyes as the final effects of his transformation took hold. His scent was intoxicating. The Jocks began to notice the effect it was having on them as they felt the blood pump to their cocks, making them hang thicker and heavier. They began to feel their pulse in their ears as their mouths became dry. Their eyes began to involuntarily follow he contours of Simon's body, traveling up and down his thick, muscular limbs, across his partially obscured abs, over his ponderous pecs, past his neck and jaw and settling on his face. Simon was panting. He slowly opened his smoldering eyes. Gone was the expression of terror. Now his eyes seemed to whisper "Fuck me." Or was it "Fuck you"?

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