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It began when I made her clothes disappear

Mom becomes... Me!

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added on 07/14/10 21:54

"Hey, bro," I turned to my clone who was idly playing with himself on the bed behind me. "If you could fuck anyone you wanted right now, who would you choose?"
"Why, you of course!" He grinned impishly, making me frown. "Okay, okay," he finally gave in, dropping his bimbo-play. Pondering for a moment he eventually answered, "Why don't you turn her into... me!"
"I mean, if you're not going to turn her into you, you should really turn her into me!"
"What???" I shrieked in horror at the thought. Really! I mean, turning my mom into myself, into another copy of me -- that's sick! And then we'd have another me around... who will think like I think, and do like I do... Wait a minute, that's not a problem! The more I thought about it, the more I knew this was the solution! Mom had to go. It had to be done. My mind was made up! Time for Mom to be reborn... as another me.
I ran over to where Mom was frozen and ripped open her robe, so we could get a better look as she began her transformation . My bro, Joe-2 saw she was wearing her bra and panties.
"She won't need these anymore!" my original clone said as he ran over and tore them off.
Then we both stood back and drooled as we watched her slowly morph into and become me. Her mature feminine softness became a teenage masculine roughness, as she became my perfect copy. Soon enough, her foreign body and foreign parts became very familiar, as her breasts vanished, and her curves straightened. Not long after, she sprouted hair all over her body, and an old friend grew between her legs, taking its proper place. The look of horror that had been frozen on her face when she barged in earlier soon transformed into an impish, but playful grin.
Mom was gone. In her place was me! Well, at least another clone of me!
Just as suddenly as Mom froze, the new Joe-3 unfroze and his new boy cock sprang to life. Joe-2 quickly took it in his mouth and began sucking it off.
Our new clone was born in moans of pleasure as my twin sucked his cock, and I fucked him from behind! We fucked and sucked for what seemed like forever, until both I and my newest clone screamed in pleasure as we built to climax and shot our loads -- "Mmmffff!!" was all my original clone could say.
"Oh my god, dude!" Mom/Joe-3 shouted "That was fucking awesome!"
"Dude! You can turn me into anyone you like, but don't you ever make me a girl again!" he replied.
"Oh, you don't have to worry about that, at least not right now, anywyay." I smiled at him.
"That's right!" Joe-2 said, as he stood up, gulping and gasping for air. "Besides, I want you to become..."

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