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You change Katie into a Mermaid

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added by theFlash2K5 on 05/03/10 02:47

You watch as Katie continues to grind herself on your mermaid pool float body. She really seems to be enjoying herself. She keeps moaning and rubbing your rubber breasts. If only you were back in your regular body!

But you can only watch as Katie continues to pleasure herself.

Then, Katie lets out a shout of pleasure and arches back, eyes closed, gasping. She must have orgasmed. You feel a little pride, knowing that you helped her reach that, in some small way.

Katie slides off of you, looking embarrassed. She swims to the edge of the pool and pulls herself out. She stands up, looking around, hugging her petite body. You don't want her to leave, but you're still stuck as a pool toy.

Then Katie lets out a little moan. "Oh! That's weird!" you hear her say. Then her legs buckle, and she falls down to the side of the pool, onto her knees. She barely catches herself. You wonder what's wrong with her.

Her legs start to turn blue. You watched in amazement, as the blue continues to spread...until her legs are completely blue! And then, without warning, they start to merge! The skin smooths out between her legs, merging into one, becoming a tail.

Katie was transforming into a mermaid!

You watch in disbelief. Katie moans in pleasure, apparently enjoying the process. Her feet flatten out and become a fin. Her legs are now a tail, like the mermaids you saw earlier.

"What the hell?" Katie says. "Oh my God!"

Katie looks at her body, running her arms up and down her former legs...then she looks over at you, and her eyes widen.

"I wonder if I'll turn in the movies..." Katie says to herself. You wait and you watch. You wonder what this means, and if Katie will transform back. An hour goes by as Katie lies there...and then another hour. She still has her tail, and you're still a pool float.

"Damn!" Katie said. "What the hell am I going to do now?" She looks over at her phone, and a mischievous look spreads across her face.

"You know... I bet a few others would LOVE to see this...especially if I don't tell them what will happen!" She takes out her phone, and starts to dial. You wonder what's going to happen now.

What do you do now?

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