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Dean and the Nude Gallery

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added on 01/22/10 01:55

Dean walked up the steps, looking around the building. The place was seriously old and dirty. And the statues just creeped him out. The man paused, listening as his younger brothers spook downstairs before continuing on his own trek. He walked down a long corridor when he saw it. On either side of the door were two wax statues of women. He stared at them.

"Wow. Those are real...proportional." he said as he examined them. He touched the smooth wax surface and felt a shiver go up and down his spine. His curiosity grew and he walked into the exhibit. The exhibit consisted of all nude statues. Some of them were anatomically correct while some had their privates modified. Dean walked over to a statue of a teenager who was positioned in a way that it looked like he was just shooting off the rocket.

"Kinky." Dean grinned. He touched the statue and felt movement in his pants. "The hell?" he looked down at his pants where he felt a little stiff. He adjusted himself and continued walking through the exhibit. his curiosity kept getting the better of him and he kept touching the statue. He didn't know why he kept getting a boner every time he'd touch one.

"Damn it. I can see this happening with those chicks, but in here? There's nothing but dudes." he adjusted himself again as he came up to a statue of a man with an 11 inch cock sticking out. The man was standing straight, arms at his side. Dean touched the man's pecs and gasped when he accidentally pushed it and it fell to the ground.

"Oh geez!" he looked around, making sure no one came in. No one did. however, he became distracted by something else. He needed to relief himself. he looked around and found a door. Inside was a bed room. "I guess this will do. Its not like Sammy or Adam will sudden show up."

Walking into the room, Dean was unaware that he was being followed. He found a trash bin and some clenex. He dropped his pants. "This will be quick."

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