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Playful Lesbians

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Chronivac Version 4.0
added by Changes on 01/03/02 15:23

This story is based on the Chronivac Diaries located at CHRONIVAC is copyright 1999 by Mark Kwestin.

TransDem Labs has just completed its newest version of the Chronivac Machine. Thanks to advances in technology the user can now use their Personal Computer
to make changes to themselves or others.

Chronivac version 4.0 includes a CD-ROM that contains the altering software, a portable emitter, and a USB connection to a PC.

The portable emitter can be programmed with up to ten customizable changes that can be processed without the use of a PC (although higher detailed altering can
only be made with the help of a computer). The portable emitter also contains a revert button to undo any changes made.

Connected to a computer the Chronivac program can now change almost anything imaginable both physically and mentally. The only main limitation is that only
living things can be changed into something else living (excluding any type of plant). So a person can be altered into any type of human or animal.

When connected via PC you have the ability to scan any possible transformee to upload their personal information to make alterations easier.

Here is a list of major alterations that can be made: Age, Species, Gender, Nationality, Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair Color, Body Sizes, Hairiness, and almost
anything you can think of. Many mental changes can also be made; major mental changes include: Age, Species, Sexual Orientation, Perception of Reality (EX:
transformee either knows that he has been changed or thinks that he has always been the what he is), and much more. Most alterations use a slider bar to control
the change.

Alteration can be made through the software by selecting the feature to be changed from a list or by searching through the entire list at once.

Chronivac version 4.0 does not offer a preview of changes being made but will apply the changes once the save button has been pressed. If the save button is not
pressed again within one hour of the first save the change will be reverted for safety reasons.

The Chronivac emitter will transform whatever being is in front of it and has a maximum distance of 20 feet.

Now TransDem Labs is looking for a possible tester for their new software and will send the program to a random person with no instructions on how to use it.

Who Does It Get Sent To?

Playful Lesbians
added by MrTF on 09/08/09 23:05

This package, sought by many, has found its way into the hands of the most unlikely people imaginable.

Fay and Katie are basically your average lesbian couple. Fay is the shy, innocent and somewhat repressed one with big boobs, a nice butt and large eyeglasses. She gets embarrassed easily and has only recently discovered her true sexuality. Katie is the more boyish one who first seduced Fay and got her to open up. Her hair is shorter and she's a little big and muscular for a woman. However, she is very gentle and playful with Fay, though very horny.

Anyhow, one day, the fated package is left on the doorstep of the two's shared apartment, no return address, no formalities, just a bunch of buttons and no real way to figure out what they do until one presses them. Now who should find it first, I wonder?

What do you do now?

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