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A Bigger Better Joseph

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added by Anonymous on 05/07/09 02:10

Abdul looked over the scrawny fifteen year old. His pasty skin was hairless and covered a frame that was mostly bone. Only a bit of dark hair grew around the teen's small cock, but all in all he was unimpressive.

Aiming the Chronivac at the kid, Abdul pushed a few buttons and watched the changes begin.

The first noticeable change was a darkening of Joseph's skin, from pale white to light tan to a deep bronze. The teen's red hair began to darken to a pitch black, as well as what little body hair he had. Soon Joseph began to put on muscle, his body stretching taller, well past six feet tall. His shoulders became broader and the muscle still packed on. His new pecs stood out like slabs of iron on his chest, above chiseled eight pack abs. His arms bulged with muscle more than even most athletic guys' legs. The muscle growth continued down into his legs which swelled into tree trunks. Then his cock began to grow, filling out like someone blowing air into it. It swelled from its meager 3 inches to a massive 9 inch snake, and it was still flaccid. His foreskin reformed over the head, his balls enlarging and slapping against his thighs.

Next, body hair began to fill in, his dark pubes began to spread out, first becoming a full bush. His leg hair darkened and thickened, growing up his legs, thinning out slightly on his thighs before it connected to his pubes. His arm hair followed suit, stopping just short of his shoulders, a thick mat forming under his arms though. His pubes began extending again, a carpet flowing up and over his abs, but not hiding the definition underneath. Once it reached his chest it spread out, covering both plates of muscle in a thick dark forest of hair. A shadow appeared on the jaw of his rugged masculine face, filling out into a short well trimmed beard. Joseph's eyes glazed over as new memories began implanting themselves in his head.

He was now Jarah, a bouncer for a local gentleman's club. His parents had come over from the middle east, but he was born here in America. The club owner liked having someone who could speak English well, helped him to kick out the undesirables in the club. Jarah's eyes came back into focus and he looked over to Abdul.

Abdul smiled, knowing himself who this big man in front of him is. "Get dressed, Jarah, we have more business." Jarah nodded, pulling on his clothes, which had become a pair of slacks and a tank top with the club's logo. The tank top fit him like it was painted on, his bulging muscles visible underneath, and his copious chest hair visible through the low cut neck. Abdul felt a hardening in his pants as he looked over the new bouncer, but soon turned his attention on one of the other nerds, a short little butter ball named Adam.

Abdul looked over to Jarah, "So, what should be done with him?"

What do you do now?

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