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Being Brady Quinn

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added by mrhamster on 04/07/09 17:08

“Huh? What happened?” Your deep voice moans. Your words slowly ooze out, followed by a deep yawn. You rub your chin; rough stubble meets your fingertips.

Surprised, you sit up on your bed and it lets out a groan as you shift your weight. Your run your thick fingers through your hair, trying to remember exactly what happened last night. Shifting your gaze across your room, you spot the jockstrap with Brady Quinn’s named penned in the back lying on the floor, and you begin to recall the transformation. You turn your head toward the mirror hanging on your wall. Staring back is Brady Quinn.

You swing your thick, powerful legs over the side of your bed. They were hanging over the bed frame, resulting in a comical appearance. Curious, you rise, standing at your full 6’3 frame, and lumber over to the mirror to inspect yourself. And Brady’s morning wood.

That’s right – after discarding the jockstrap, you had collapsed on your bed completely naked, overwhelmed by the transformation that had taken places just the night before. Looking down, you see Brady Quinn’s fully erect penis pointing upward. Without a doubt, it’s much larger than your previous member, and nestled below a neatly-trimmed patch of brown pubic hair that wasn’t there before.
Unfamiliar to feelings of sexual pleasure, it’s hard for you to describe the new sensations that approach you as you massage the shaft of your new cock. You need an excuse to get better acquainted with your new body. As you make your way down the hallway, your footfalls produce loud thuds as you are unused to controlling a body of such large stature. Slipping into the bathroom, you turn on the shower, letting out a sigh of satisfaction as the warm water rolls over your large pecs. It runs over the defined ridges in your six-pack abs and down your muscular thighs. You then begin to rub down your new football player body. You start with your broad, square shoulders and work your way down, loving how your muscles bulge in places where they previously hadn’t.

Making your way out of the shower, you dry yourself off with a towel, noticing how much harder it is to wrap it around a bulkier body. With one swipe of one of your massive hands, you wipe away the fog from the bathroom mirror. You can’t help but flex a little, twitching your pecs before leaning in closer to examine the stubble on your handsome visage. Reaching for your dad’s shaving kit, you lather your face in shaving cream, then run the blade across the sharp angles of your face, cautiously mimicking your father’s movements as you had seen them. Slowly, you begin to reconstruct your clean-cut jock image.

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