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Punishment Diapers

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added on 02/14/09 00:08

Eric Royce, a father, was walking down the isles of Babies"R"Us looking for a present for his soon to be one year old son.

While searching he saw a package that was displayed up on a stand. He was dumbfounded when he found packages of diapers with a picture of a teenager wearing the diaper on it. the diaper was very babyish and had many little prints on the front. The teenager was standing with arms crossed and pouting. In the background was what appeared to parents standing side by side, the father with a remote in his hand with smug smiles on their faces. He went over to the package and it read "Punishment Diapers".

He turned the package over and it read. "Used to punish misbehaving children, unfaithful husbands, cheating wives, or whoever else one wishes. Facts and Features: Who ever wheres them will be unable to remove them. They can only be removed by who ever put them on them. No resistance form the diaperee will be effective as the diaper will attach it itself to whomever the daiperer points the remote to. The wearer can be forced to wet and mess the diapers by the person who diapered him or simply wet and mess them from holding it in. Through the diaper, the diaperer also will have the ability to compel or "punish" the diaperee to do anything he wishes through a voice command . Eric turned it over to the side. Their was a picture of a remote with five buttons. the buttons were attach, wet, mess, compel and punish.

He then thought 'I could use this on my...'

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