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A relaxing evening

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added on 11/19/08 09:30

Brian's room mate, Steve, showed up just as Brian was putting the finishing touches on his essay.

Steve smiled as though everything was normal, since due to the alterations in reality it was, "Hey man, what's up?"

"Not much," Brian saved his homework and stood up to stretch, "I'm not feeling up to partying tonight so I'm probably just going to take a shower and see what Sarah's up to."

In fact the idea of wild partying and getting drunk seemed very unappealing to Brian now, though normally he was quite the party animal so to speak.

Steve looked at him, surprised, "That's not like you. Are you coming down with something or something?"

"I don't think so," Brian thought the situation over, "My chest and back ache a bit and I keep getting these twinges in my stomach, but other than that I feel great. Strange as it sounds I almost sort of feel happy with the way I'm feeling."

"You're weird."

"Whatever," Brian muttered and started to get undressed to go to the showers.

He pulled off his shirt and deftly unfastened the clasp of his padded bra as though he had done it hundreds of times. He tossed it onto his bed and let out a sigh at the feeling of weight from his unsupported breasts. Bending over to remove his pants, boxers and socks was quite difficult with his swollen, pregnant belly and in the end he was forced to sit down on the floor to pull his socks off. All the extra weight and his altered center of gravity made getting up more difficult than he had expected, but he managed in the end.

Wrapping a town around his waist, low below the swell of his belly, he left the room and went down the hall towards the bathroom.

As he walked his d-cup breasts shook and jiggled, too large and heavy from milk to sit comfortable without support. Adjusting his grip on his towel he brought up a hand to rub at them, feeling their warm weight and causing a sensation of warmth to spread across his chest as milk began to drip from his engorged nipples. A twinge ran through his belly and he smiled. All was well.

In the bathroom he stepped into a shower stall, turned on the warm water and began to lather himself with soap. He went through the motions of washing normally at first, savoring the feeling of warm water and the relief it brought to his aching back. Then he turned to let the water fall against his chest. It felt so good against his full breasts that when he let out a sigh. Closing his eyes with pleasure he began to rub soap on his chest, lost in the feeling of relief it brought him.

Gently he began to massage his breasts and gently play with his large, firm nipples. The attention caused milk to flow from them, dripping down his front and mixing with water to run down the drain. Never before had he found such pleasure from his breasts, but he thought nothing of it.

When his breasts were emptied of milk the pressure in them abated somewhat and he finished his shower.

He toweled off, careful to dry under his breasts and looked at himself in the bathroom mirror. What he saw made him smile and he rubbed at his big, round belly, then took a small step to watch his breasts jiggle. Yes, everything was as it should be.

Once back in his room he put on a pair of boxers and his padded bra, figuring that if he was going to spend the night in there was no harm sitting around in his underwear.

His back hurt a bit from standing up so long in the shower, so he decided to lay down in bed for a bit. It took him some time to find a comfortable position, one where his belly and breasts didn't get in the way, but eventually he was able to relax. Crossing his hands over his belly he felt the rolling and twinging sensations start up again, forcing him to roll over into another position. Despite this, he smiled, pleased that the twinges were so strong.

Maybe later he would call Sarah and see what she was up to, or go for a walk to the cafeteria to get something to eat.

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