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Cock Shrinker

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added on 10/19/08 23:58

Jay had always thought his roommate's cock was too big for his own good. Sean would often "bone" other guys and brag about his sexual escapades to the point that Jay would have to plead for him to shut up. Seeing his roommate with an even larger cock threw him over the edge. Looking up from his cock, Sean managed to only get out a "hey dude" before Jay started the program. Jay looked at Sean smugly as he noticed the first changes in his roommate's cock. The cock was shrinking slowly but surely, youthening in appearance. Shortly, Sean began to realize what was happening. "Hey! What the fuck are you doing man?! My beautiful tool!" he shouted as it shrunk more. "I thought you should have one more befitting your mental age" Jay chuckled as the cock shrunk to around a 15 year old. "No... no dude, stop" Sean whined on the verge of tears as it shriveled down 10, 8, 5, and finally to that of a 2 year old. Left with only a hairless nub, Sean began to cry while Jay broke into laughter. "You're lucky I've let you keep your adult body little guy" Jay said as he tickled his roommate's tiny pecker.

Immediately, the thought of revenge popped into Sean's mind. If his friend can make his cock into that of a two year old, then it would only be fitting that...

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