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Jazz sucks his own cock

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added on 06/21/08 02:48

Ty gave Jazz a minute to decide. “OK, Jazz, I guess you don’t want to be a girl. We will disappear and go and transform some boys somewhere else, who really want it”

“No wait”, pleaded Jazz, “I just don’t know how I feel about you doing it. Couldn’t she put the spell on me?” Jazz pointed to Tina.

At eight years old, Tina and Jazz were about the same age. Ty thought that perhaps Jazz would feel a little more comfortable with a girl about his own age using magic on him. Ty also had a rather wicked idea.

“OK Jazz”, said Ty. “I’ll let Tina use magic on you to turn you into a girl” Ty raised his hands like a magician performing a spell and gestured towards Tina. Rays of magical light came out of his hands as he made a wish to give Tina the powers she would need to perform Jazzes transformation. Tina now also knew how Ty wanted her to do it.

Tina walked over to the bed Jazz was sitting on, “Stand before me Jazz”, Tina commanded.

Jazz stood up. He and Tina faced one another as Tina prepared to use her new powers. “First Jazz, you must be naked. Take off your clothes – every last stitch. Be completely naked in front of me.”

Jazz complied with Tina’s command even taking out the earrings he was wearing. Jazz had been the only person wearing clothes in the entire room until now. Tina put her hands on Jazzes hips and drew his penis closer to her own girl’s slit at the front of her crotch. When they were close together, lightning arced between Tina and Jazzes crotches. Jazz gasped as he felt himself change. After a few seconds, Jazz looked down to see that he had swapped genitals with Tina. She now had a penis and boy’s small ball sack. Jazz now had a girl’s crotch.

“I’m a girl! Oh thank you thank you”, Jazz squealed with delight.

“Not so fast”, Tina said. “You aren’t a girl yet”. Tina put her hands on the sides of Jazzes head. Tina’s hands glowed as another spell was placed on Jazz. “Look at my cock Jazz” Tina instructed. Jazz looked down at Tina’s crotch. The penis that had once been Jazzes was growing larger, harder and erect. Jazzes eyes became wider and wider as he began to see penises in a whole new light. Tina’s hands glowed more brightly as she used more of her magic on Jazz. Now the penis absolutely fascinated Jazz. He found himself wanting it more as more as Tina’s magic brainwashed him.

Jazz got on his knees in front of Tina. Tina took her hands off the sides of Jazzes head and took her still swelling penis in one of her hands and thrust it into Jazzes mouth. Jazz protested making some mmmm, mmmm noises as it went in. Tina put her hands back on the sides of Jazzes head. Her hands glowed as she continued to use her magic on him.

Jazz couldn’t help himself. Under the influence of Tina’s power he found himself sucking Tina’s cock – and only a minute ago it had been his own cock!

Tina’s hands glowed as her power began to brainwash Jazz into being a real girl, not a boy with a girl’s genitals. “Girls suck cock Jazz and you can start being a girl by sucking your own cock”, Tina commanded.

Jazz now made some more, mmm, mmm noises as he enthusiastically sucked the cock that had once been his. “That’s it Jazz, you are now a cocksucker”, said Tina. “But that is only the first stage of your transformation into a girl. Soon you will be so much more”

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