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a hairy classroom

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added on 09/02/02 21:58

Mr Milhaud was just sitting there, eating his sandwich before class started.And ty was sitting there, in his chair, quietly watching mr Milhaud. Then he started to scratch his chest, he wasnt paying any attention. The the inching on his chest and stomach got worse and worse. He set down his sandwich to scrach his iching body..."why do i itch so bad?" he thought to himself. looking down he noticed hairs growing though his collar. "what the hell?" he said to himself quietly. He watched as the chest hair sprouting out from his shirt grew thicker and darker. It was getting noticleble, ty could also watch the thick chest hair sprout out,as if trying to escape out of the top of his white shirt. Mr milhauds arms started getting hairier.

A thin five a clock shadow was begining to appear on his face and chin. Looking around it seemed no other kids were paying any attention to him either. Ty watches Mr milhauds reaction. Then mr milhaud sat up out of his chair, and walked quickly out the door, walking to the bathroom, just as the bell rang. Several students were coming into the classroom at the same time, on His way out , Mr Milhaud bumped into one guy after another. Ty counted. 8 guys he bumped into!

Mr Milhaud ran into ben, a 15 year old regular guy, who ty didnt know very well, ben then walked to his desk. Several other guys got in contact with mr milhaud, but ty didnt really know those guys either, there was a guy named brian, mitch, and those were the only two other guys he knew the names of. All normal teenage guys, and they didnt have a clue what was going on. The bell rang again. Now class had started and nobody knew where Mr Milhaud was. Ty knew he was in the bathroom, and told a few people he had seen him walk that way.

a minite went by, then another. Now class had been going on for five minutes. no sign of mr milhaud. All the kids were talking amonst themselves enjoying their free time. The the door creaked open and there was Mr Milhaud standing there, he quickly walked into the room, telling the kids to quiet down some. A thin beard was now growing on his face.

"dude -milhaud, are you trying to grow a beard???" one kid piped up

"no, no im not, i just, nevermind..."

Ty watched ben and the other 5 guys carefully. He noticed ben started to scratch his armpits, not thinking anything strange was going on. Little did he know the changes happening to him and the other guys around him.... ty watched on.

What do you do now?

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