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Gay Text Adventure Game

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added by Grower on 04/14/08 11:05

(Thanks to Changes for letting me post this!)

This section is meant to allow others (anonymous or named, named authors will be listed in the credits if chapters are used) to add chapters that might be added to the Pleasure Island text adventure game I am creating.

First thing you do is pick the character you want to write for, both are male, can either start gay or become gay along the way:

Character Option 1:
Physically looks 21 years old, light brown hair, 6 foot 1 inch tall, above average looks, currently toned, 4 pack abs, sparse treasure trail, few hairs on chest / nipples, 5 o clock shadow, penis size is an average 4 inches soft, 6 inches hard. Clothing: Grey Boxer Briefs, Shorts, Tank Top, Flip Flops.

Character Option 2:
Physically looks 12 years old, light brown hair, 4 foot 11 inch tall, above average looks, on the cusp of puberty, no body hair yet. Clothing: White Briefs, Shorts, Tank Top, Flip Flops.

Pretty much any TF is open aside from TG. Possible end options for your branch could be escape from the island, completely lost to your transformation (Game Over), Wake up the next day back to your base character able to keep exploring and enjoying, whatever else you can think up, or all of the above!

Any questions Private Message me.

If you do want to play the game as it gets posted, don't read any of the following chapters if you don't want to spoil it :)

What do you do now?

This chapter doesn't accept new branches.