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A New Day

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added by Lennie on 03/04/08 13:01

Ty sighed as the day flew by, boring class after boring class. He had thought about using his powers, but he thought if he did - he may just get figured out. Which would then cause some real trouble down the line... Either way, he knew how to keep everything on the down low, so to speak. Now was time for the last two periods of school which happened to be gym class. The next day would be science which Ty preferred more than this class... For possibly obvious reasons.

The gym teacher wasn't even around half the time and just shoved the boys into the weight room and most of the girls onto the basket ball court. There were only ten boys and a few girls in this particular period, afterwards the twelfth graders would leave for another period leaving the sophomores and juniors behind - IE only four boys. This left Ty and three musclebound jerks. You could only imagine how horrible they made Ty feel for forty minutes straight. The girls would just giggle as the three harassed the living hell out of the kid.

Now was a time to finally use his powers and teach them some manners. He wished that every time these bullies acted in an ill manner, they would shrink down little by little. At first they wouldn't notice, but after thirty acts or so there will be enough mass missing for them to notice. "This won't take long..." Ty muttered with a slight grin on his face.

"What're you smilin' at fag? I don't roll that way squirt." Craig said, pushing Ty over a bench. "I'm sure Raze doesn't roll that way, or Dean." Then he laughed as if it were a big joke.

"I like pussy, man." Dean smugly replied, kicking Ty in the side.

"Of course." Raze replied in a slightly more acceptable answer, punching Ty in the shoulder.

Craig was the ring leader of sorts. His dad was the principal so he always got away with everything. In fact, he learned all his antics from his father, so of course he'd be the bully of the school. Craig was a rather impressive guy, look wise that is. Sandy blond hair that was cropped short, bringing out his icy blue eyes. Having the brute force accompanies with his astounding stature of 6'4". He sure had the bullying field covered.

Dean was much shorter, only standing at 5'4", though he made up with his powerful legs. He had a funny face, shortly cropped hair that was dyed green and green eyes. He basically wore green whenever he could. It was kind of creepy... One thing was sure though. Getting kicked by this hasty little guy was like getting hit with a sledge hammer.

Then there was Raze, the ethnic part of the trio. He had cerulean blue eyes, a handsome and clean shavened face. Which went well with his slightly disheveled black hair. His physic was quite astounding, since he was a swimmer. His build wasn't as bulky as Craig's, but it was very toned. Just imagine, he was strong enough to slice through water with ease. Imagine how easily he could 'slice' through you!

Though they weren't going to be so astounding after Ty was done with them. As long as Ty could keep himself together... Which would be hard to do.

Ty got up and left as the current occupants of the work out room laughed at him. "Was it really that funny? Heh, we'll see who get's the last laugh... " Ty muttered through teary eyes. Ty waited out back, for the time being and watched as Dean and Craig hopped into a convertible with a few cheerleaders, shirts off, sunglasses on - how eerily stereotypical. They probably seen too many teen movies or something, it figures those two shallow punks couldn't get a personality of their own. The two looked a few inches shorter, but probably didn't realize it. Ty just sat there as they drove away, almost as if he were in a trance of sorts.

"HEY TY!" A voice boomed followed by a horn. It was a familiar voice... The slightly Hispanic accent... It was Raze. Ty didn't look, and kept his head down to the ground, hoping this asshole would say something to bring him closer to his ironic fate.

"Need a ride?" the voice called

Ty looked up to make sure this was really Raze - and it was. He was in a modest car, unlike his two air headed friends. Ty was more of less surprised at this kind gesture. "Kind and Raze" didn't seem to click right for some reason. Just like "Craig and Smart" or "Dean and Unpopular" didn't go hand in hand. He was probably going to pull a horrible prank. Either way Ty nodded his head and slowly approached the car.

As Ty got in and threw his backpack over his lap, Raze drove off.

"I live on-" Ty began, only to be cut off by Raze who then said - "Thurman Ave, yeah I know."

"Er... How do you know?" Ty awkwardly asked.

"Well, I drive past your house a bunch of times, I live a block down your street. I thought it would just be better if you got a ride instead of walking." Raze quickly replied.

Ty stared straight ahead for a moment. He was practically car pooling with the enemy! Or was he the enemy? Kind of hard to tell at this point. Ty then made another silent wish that Raze would always tell the truth to him, just to make things smooth over easily.

"So why the nice change?" Ty bluntly asked.

"Well, why wouldn't I? I was a jerk to you a while ago. You didn't deserve that." Raze replied yet again.

"They why'd you hit me? That fucking hurt." Ty asked in a slightly more angry tone.

"I didn't really want to. But Craig and Dean control this school. If I didn't, I'd probably have a horrible year... And next year too."

"So you beat up on me and harassed me to look cool?" Ty seethed, this bastard was doing all that just to be POPULAR. How ridiculously shallow.

"I don't really want to... I just want to get this all over with. They run the school. Craig's dad is the principal... Dean's mom is my math teacher! They're just as petty as Craig and Dean." Raze replied with a furrow in his brow. He was a tad bit confused. He didn't know why he felt like pouring out the truth, but it did feel good for some reason. More like lifting a small burden off his shoulders. "I'm sorry. I'd like to make this right..." Raze trailed off.

"This is my stop." Ty quickly said, as Raze answered with an even quicker foot to the brake. He quickly hopped out of the care and turned back for a moment before going off into his house. "I'll think about it."

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