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Jay fills Ben's "Pocket"

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added by Devranne on 01/23/08 22:32

As she flew upward, Ben's legs spread wide as she tried to find her balance. In one swift, predatory motion, Jay plunged her down upon his bulging manhood. Ben gasped in surprise at the pain and pleasure exploding within her vagina as her maidenhead tore for the first and final time.

Ben's back arched convulsively and Jay's powerful phallus impaled her. She wrapped her legs around his waist. Ben's brain tried to make her legs push herself off of his massive penis, but her ovaries were clearly in control, as her calves pulled him deeper, deeper, deeper again.

Jay looked directly into Ben's eyes, his brow furrowing with the same concentration she had seen as he lined up his stick for a shot. Horror filled her mind when Ben realized that this time, Jay was lining his manhood up to take a shot at her womb. Silently, she screamed at her body to resist, but the powerful, primeval urges of her vagina drove her body now. Again and again she climaxed, each time more intense than the last.

In her belly, Ben felt a tiny pop, as if a bubble had burst in her abdomen. Her clitoris flamed and exploded her world in a ring of hormones and endorphins as she felt Jay's massive phallus stretching her cervix.

Jay seized the back of her head with one hand, forcing her passionate, hungry eyes to meet his focused hunter's gaze. Just then, she felt the first twitch of his ejaculating penis. Her world imploded and her cervix swallowed the head of Jay's penis, sealing tightly around him to make sure that his seed stayed within her womb!

As wave after wave of her first true orgasm swept over her, Ben's awareness consisted only of that magical point where Jay's manhood met her womanhood. Again and again her cervix convulsed. Again and again, Jay's massive testicles primed the firing chamber of his penis. Again and again, white-hot semen exploded forth from him to coat the inside of Ben's uterus.

In seconds, Jay's rampaging sperm found the egg that Ben's ovaries had just released. In mere moments, even before Jay tried to pull free of her vagina, Ben's egg blossomed with new life. As they stood tied together, Ben's cervix unwilling to release the father of her child, the egg slowly drifted into her womb and began to grow.

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