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The Genie Further Extends Your Punishment by Making You Female.

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added by Transformation_Chan on 01/05/08 02:16

You fall backwards as you feel a jolt through your entire body. You look back at your body, dazed, and find you have six protrusions slowly growing out of stomach. You feel a tingling sensation in your crotch, and look down at your privates... wait, are they shrinking? It suddenly hits you. You're turning into a GIRL! Your waistline gets smaller and takes a more feminine shape. You don't know what to do except sit and watch as your breasts and teats get bigger and more sensitive and your manhood is sucked into your body, replaced by a woman's. You just stare with a shocked expression on your face, you don't know how long, until something breaks the silence. "DO YOU LIKE YOUR NEW FORM? OR IS THE CHANGE OF GENDER A LITTLE TOO MUCH FOR YOU?" the genie asks. You yell, “Genie, where are you?! I...” You clap your paws to your mouth, not expecting such a feminine voice. “I SEE YOU HAVE DISCOVERED YOUR NEW VOICE, MY LITTLE CAT GIRL. TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION, I AM USING TELEPATHY TO TRANSFER MY THOUGHTS DIRECTLY TO YOUR MIND. HANDY, ISN'T IT? NOW I DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOU IN PERSON. "Why are you doing this to me?! What did I ever do to you? You're a genie! You're supposed to grant MY wishes!" you state, your voice shaking. The genie replies in a matter of fact voice, "WHAT WAS IT YOU SAID TO ME? OH YES. I COULD 'TAKE MY TRANSFORMATION WISHES AND SHOVE THEM UP MY GENIE ASS, BECAUSE I'M A MISERABLE BASTARD', RIGHT?" You plead with the genie, ranting, "You know I didn't mean it, right?! I was just expecting any kind of wish, ya know? You see people plan these things out, and ever since I was little kid I always said to myself if I ever found a genie, I'd..." "SILENCE!" the genie roared, "I HAVE NO INTEREST OF YOU AND YOUR WISHES ANYMORE. YOU MOCKED MY PURPOSE IN LIFE, AND FOR THAT YOU MUST PAY. I HAVE BEEN NEEDING A GATOMON, AND YOU JUST HAPPENED TO BE NEXT IN LINE. AS FOR THE FEMALE PART... AS OF NOW, ALL IT IS IS AN EXTENSION OF YOUR PUNISHMENT." You're really mad now, so you scream at the genie, hoping to scare him into submitting to you. "Genie! Wait 'til I get my hands on you! Your FACE is going to need a transformation when I get through with you! You have to be some sort of wimp, changing me into a small animal just so you don't have to deal with me! It isn't a fair fight, but I'll still knock the living daylights out of you in this form or not! Where are you! I'll show you who's boss!" There is a brief silence, followed by a laugh from the genie. "HA! YOU? TAKE ME ON? I'LL LET YOU IN ON A SECRET. I'M THE OVERSEER OF THIS WORLD, AND WHAT I SAY GOES. YOU CAN'T TOUCH ME. I HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER THE WEATHER, LANDSCAPES, AND THE PEOPLE FROM THIS WORLD. I ALSO HAVE THE ABILITY TO TRANSFORM WHOEVER I SO PLEASE. NOW YOU GRANT MY WISHES. I'LL SHOW YOU HOW POWERLESS YOU REALLY ARE." You stand with a look of pure horror on your face. Your plan only made matters worse. You begin to wonder what the genie is going to do to you, but then your questions are answered. You fall on all fours, and try to stand up, but realize it is hopeless. You still have control of your head, though, and turn around. You see what looks like a Black version of you. A Black Gatomon is coming towards you. "Big Whoop!", you think, "Is this the best the genie could do? What's that thing going to do, bite me? It's only a Black, Male version of me!" ...Then it hits you like a freight train. That thing coming towards you is male. You're now female. The genie is punishing you. That look of pure horror on your face is back, and it's worse than before. You take another look back, to notice the Black Gatomon is right behind you now. He is stroking his sensitive area with a devilish grin on his face, and his penis is getting bigger and longer, more than your human penis ever could. Without control of it, your back end rises up off the ground and your tail moves to the side. You know what's about to happen, and your mind screams "NO! I'm a human and I'm male! I can't let this happen!" But you know it is inevitable. Your head turns back around without you telling it to. You close your eyes. You feel the male mount you, his front paws cling just behind yours, and you feel him probing for an entrance. You take a gasp, as you feel his penis slide into your awaiting pussy. Then you start to whimper, as feel his penis slide back and forth inside you as you hear sounds of *WAP WAP WAP* coming from behind you. You then feel a strange feeling on your under belly. You take a peak between your legs see that he's pinching and tugging at your breasts. This is a sensation you haven't experienced before, and you don't know how to react, so you just lay there until milk starts to run out them. It must be arousing him, because he starts making grunting noises, and you brace yourself for the worst. He clenches onto you tight, and you feel warm liquid rush into you, it's more than you expected, and you feel some leaking back out of you. He pulls out, and you assume he walked off. You don't really care, and don't even turn your head, you just lay there in defeat, staring blankly at the trees in front of you.

What do you do now?

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