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It began when I made her clothes disappear

Joey becomes a shemale at last

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added on 06/12/07 04:34

Diane’s cock went all the way into Joey’s naked body. If it wasn’t for the magic, it would have been impossible to take it all in, but the shemale magic allowed Joey to take it all. She felt totally filled with cock, as though Diane was touching every part of her.

Diane’s magic cock began to transform Joey. First her bottom began to expand. Her figure filled out until she had developed an amazing set of womanly curves. She grew taller and broad shouldered. Joey began to gasp as her first female orgasm approached. Every as she gasped in air, her chest got bigger. Finally she was gasping in gulps of air as a huge set of breasts were swelling from her chest. Joey flicked her head back, she now had the face of a goddess and beautiful long blonde hair. Her eyes screwed up as she felt a female mega-orgasm that blew her mind. “You are a woman now”, said Diane. “Feel my power, making you a woman” “Yes, yes, fill me”, screamed Joey.

Diane’s penis continued to pump womanizing magic cum into Joey. Her long legs writhed in ecstasy. Her hands clawed the altar. “Obey my power”, said Diane, “turn into a woman, be a woman, you are a woman now!”

Diane’s penis took complete control of Joey. She knew she would now obey her every command, so she did. Her body became that of a goddess. Joey’s body was now incredibly sexy. Power seemed to flow around her. Joey was now a naked woman bursting with sexiness. “Do you want me to keep transforming you?”, asked Diane.

“Yes, please”, gasped Joey, “don’t stop.”

“Feel what it means to be a woman”, roared Diane as her huge cock pumped a torrent of cum into Joey. Joey felt her body explode with sexual power. She could feel Diane’s cock inside her, its magic blasting through her. Joey’s hips and bottom expanded as did her boobs. She gasped and Diane continued to transform her, making her boobs and vagina huge. “Give me more cock”, Joey hissed.

Diane couldn’t believe how sexy now Joey was. Being a shemale, she now had male desires and the sight of Joey filling out turned her on. Her penis grew even bigger within Joey. “More cock, more cock”, groaned Joey. Diane looked down on Joey’s naked body and filled thrust even more penis into her.

“Now for the final transformation”, said Diane. “I’ll now give you all the cock you’ll ever need.” She pulled her cock out of Joey’s vagina and put it up her ass. “I will make you more powerful than you can imagine.”

Joey squirmed in anticipation.

Diane put her penis completely inside Joey’s butt. Without magical help no ass could ever take a penis that big, but with Diane’s magic, in it went. “You are going to become a shemale now Joey. I am going to transform you!”

Joey felt her clit throb as though it was preparing to burst out of her labias. Diane raised her arms above her head and whispered the transforming spell. A wind blew through the changing room causing a vortex to swirl around the altar.

Diane’s penis began to pump inside Joey, “Time to change Joey, you are becoming a shemale, becoming one of us. Feel the power of my cock inside you. You are going to become part man. Feel the power only a man can wield. The power of a PENIS!”, said Diane.

Joey felt Diane’s power flowing into her. Her clit was busting to change. She felt manly urges rising within her. She wanted to go inside people, to use her magic on them, to feel them transform. She wanted to put her penis into them and use her magical powers on them.

Suddenly a woman walked into the changing room. Joey recognized her as the old lady who had given him the magic rang that had caused all these amazing events to transpire. “So Joey”, the old lady said, “When I gave you that magic ring this morning, I told you it has the power to grant your fondest wishes. Who would have thought, that only a few hours later, you would be naked on an altar, transformed into a woman. Then a shemale would stick her dick all the way up your ass and transform you into a shemale yourself. I knew when I chose you to give the ring to you that you had in you the seed of evil in you. Only your evil inner desires could make this possible. Now you and all the other shemales will go out into the world and transform everyone, men woman, everyone. You will bring about the end of the old world and usher a new era. Soon all people will be shemales and under my power. You pitiful mortal fool, feel what happens when you dare to play with the power of magic!

The old lady looked at Diane, “Transform him into a shemale”, she commanded.

For a second Joey realized what he had done. He realized being male was his natural state. Only magic had warped him into the sexy woman he now was. The dick up his ass was going to transform him into a shemale who would go through the world transforming others. “Oh my God”, gasped Joey, “You’re turning me into a witch, a demon!”

“God can’t help you now”, answered to old woman. “You are about to become a servant of evil. You will have great powers, but you will be a slave to them. All you will want to do is transform others. Ultimately, you will obey my powers”

The magic Diane was pumping into Joey became stronger and stronger. Joey felt a wham as the ripple of change went through her. Suddenly she knew she was shemale, she wanted the powers the transformation would bring. Soon she would have awesome powers, she could do anything she wanted…to anyone…anywhere. She would indeed be a goddess. “Do it to me”, she hissed to Diane who was still pumping her from behind, “I want a cock, a massive cock”

“I thought you’d never ask”, replied Diane. Thrusting her penis into Joey, she poured a huge load of her magic cum into her. “I’m going to make you grow the biggest cock ever. Feel my power inside you! Now, grow a cock, you are now longer a woman. You are now a shemale! Become a shemale!”, Diane commanded. Joey’s penis burst out of her crotch. She screamed in ecstasy as a bucketload of cum shot out of her penis along with a blast of blue magical energy and smashed into the far wall of the changing room. Two of the other shemales ducked as the blast hit the wall, “This is going a bit far”, one of them said.

Diane continued to pump magic cum into Joey, making his penis bigger and bigger. Joey felt amazing powers in her penis. She felt its power to control, to change. She wanted to use it, to feel its power in someone else. Diane pulled her cock out of Joey and the newly transformed shemale rose off the altar.

“Now”, said the old lady, “Go forth and multiply. Transform everyone into my shemale minions”

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