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Chest hair and a Beard

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added on 01/29/07 12:03

Jeff had always wanted to have a beard... and chest hair, he had a desire to be able to grow a beard whenever he wanted, particularly some thick sideburns, and he wanted to be just hairy enough to feel manly, though not excessively hairy- no back hair or anything. He envied all those guys at school who already had stubble, it wasn’t fair to him that he still had nothing to shave.

But this would end all that.

Jeff pressed the enter key on the chronovac and stepped back, not knowing what to expect. He felt a sudden shock. An odd tingling, starting around his stomach, then spreading out all over. At first it made him very nervous. Was this a prank? was it just an electric shock? he wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but he felt uneasy.

Jeff quickly took his shirt off to examine himself. Nothing odd yet. He stood up out of his seat in front of the machine and began to take off his pants. Soon he was standing there in only his boxers staring eagerly at his body, waiting to see if anything would happen.

Jeff felt an itching around the base of his stomach and without thinking he began to scratch. He looked around his well-lit room in search for a mirror. He didn’t realize what was going on till he looked down.

"Whoa" he said to himself. A few short black hairs had appeared under his belly button and appeared to be growing and spreading. Then his legs started itching. Jeff decided he'd have to see this happen more clearly, with a good mirror so he snuck though his short hallway to his bathroom, closing the door and locking it. He was happy to be home alone that afternoon. immediately, Jeff glanced up to the mirror, he didn’t notice anything at first, so he bent over to scratching his itching legs.

Jeff stopped a second and stood up again in front of the mirror, Nothing still on his chest or stomach, but it did itch. His scant leg hair appeared thicker. "whoa" he muttered to himself as he examined his armpits, shocked at how thick the hair was growing. He looked down again, nonchalantly scratching his navel, now he noticed that his hairs were becoming more and more visible. He was already able to see a well-established "happy trail", though still somewhat faint in the reflection of the mirror.

That wasn’t all, hair had began to spread up his stomach past his navel. Thickening. It was becoming more and more noticeable in the mirror, that dark line of hair, in fact, had become completely visible. Jeff was ecstatic.

Staring down, Jeff noticed something else was happening. Hair was starting to appear around his nipples. Little thin dark brown hairs were surrounding them. He swore he could see tiny hairs sprout from his chest, in fact, he was sure of it. Those tiny hairs we're growing fast. Entranced by the appearance of chest hair, Jeff didn’t even notice how thick the hair on his stomach was becoming. By now it practically covered his entire stomach, now far more than visible in the mirror.

Jeff paused for a second, stepping back from the counter and his mirror. His torso didn’t even look the same, he barely recognized it, and most surprising of all, he had completely forgotten to look at his face, where hair was rapidly sprouting and thickening.

Jeff peered into the mirror and examined his rapidly growing facial hair. little black hairs had appeared on his upper lip and chin. As well as the slight and thin sideburns. Jeff watched closely, closer than ever as the hairs began to spread and thicken. They were lengthening too, growing longer, appearing darker. He was growing a moustache, some light sideburns and a little under his chin. Meanwhile Jeff was still scratching his itching chest...

Jeff moved back from the mirror to get a look at his body. He was shocked. He hadn’t taken his eyes off of his chest for more than a few seconds, but the changes were drastic. Thick black chest hair had grown in the center of his chest, and the hair was spreading. The swirling hair around his nipples was much more noticeable, and he could now see his chest hair even while standing feet away from the mirror. Not to mention the abundant amount of hair that had grown and was still growing on his stomach.

"This is so... crazy" he thought to himself, while moving his hands slowly though the massive happy trail on his abs. he felt more masculine, that was for sure. As he looked down, he noticed his arms were different, they too were more hairy, a lot more hairy. They looked like a man's in that sense. His forearms were still thin, but their appearance had definitely changed. His jaw, looking back in the mirror, was now covered with thin black downy hair. He rubbed his hands on it. It felt soft and small, while he now had a rather pronounced goatee. His moustache had grown so thick, and it had spread all the way down to the hair on his chin, as well as connecting to his now thick soul patch.

"This is so awesome" he muttered to himself, overcome with intense excitement. Looking back at his chest was still surprising, he wasn’t prepared to see things change so quickly. The hair was still spreading across the top of his chest and over his pecs, but it looked like it was about finished, how much hairier could an averagely hairy guy be, anyway? In the mirror he saw a thick mass of hair under his arms. This was beyond amazing, it was surreal. even his forearms looked transformed from all the new, thick hair on them which extended all the way to his hands.

His neck was soon covered with those soft black hairs that had overtaken his jaw and his chin, now it was thickening on his cheeks as well. He noticed how thick his sideburns had become, as he stood there, Hell, he had grown a full beard now, and he looked far older, different, more masculine. He'd have no problems with having sideburns now.

Jeff realized, however, that it just wouldn’t be possible for people to see him this way, bearded and all, since he had been completely smooth up until now, meaning he'd have to shave, presenting a problem. He owned no razor, and the only one in the house was upstairs in his dad's bathroom. But he didn’t want to go up there looking like this... He would have to put on pants and a shirt to cover his now hairy torso. He'd be embarrassed if his parents came home early. He gave himself a final look in the mirror, overcome with the excitement of a possible first shave, he opened the door and ran up the stairs, still in his boxers and shirtless and leaving the chronovac program open….

What do you do now?

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