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added on 02/16/05 18:06

"Gonna start with Richard, cause Alice should have a chance to see what she's getting into." Jessica smirked. "So to speak. Better take off that shirt, because it's definitely gonna rip if you leave it on. I'll make it slow and pleasurable. One blonde lesbimbo nympho coming up!"

Richard hurriedly stepped out of his clothes as he felt his body change. His height was diminishing, while his hips were widening. Jessica and Alice stared at his chest as two mounds grew from small to enormous, even as his overall frame diminished in size. His brown hair turned blonde and grew to hang over his curvy, feminine butt. Richard was gasping with ecstacy as his penis shrunk into a clitoris, his scrotum altered to labia, and a vagina, a very moist vagina, opened between her legs. "Wow" exclaimed the petite, ultra-feminine woman. "What a rush!"

"Oh you bad girl" Jessica giggled. "This should be fun! Ready, Alice?"

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