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30 pounds a-plenty

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added on 07/08/04 19:03

Jeff, staring at the screen, decided to up his brothers weight, a bit, from 132 to 162... it'd be a substantial change, very noticeable, yet not too extreme.

He typed in "30" into the weight box, and it automatically added a + symbol to the box as soon as he moved his cursor away. Jeff had decided that his brother could use a little more weight, but get bulkier rather than just fatter... he moved the scroll controlling fat percentage all the way over to 65%, and the muscle scroll automatically shifted to 35%...

"So 65 percent of 30 pounds will be fat... I see..." he said with a mischievous smile. “Maybe that'll give him a spare tire… like dad…”

something then caught his eye, something that he didn’t notice before, on the bottom of the page was something entitled: ADVANCED OPTIONS.

Of course, Jeff, as curious as he was, had no choice but to click on it. Yet another window popped up, similar to the previous, with the two scrolls and weight and such, but all of what was on the previous page was in small, lighter print, leaving have the screen to other stuff...But most noticeable thing on the page were the two diagrams, identical diagrams of the human body and its muscles. Next to this was another box, and in that box were the words: "REGULAR DISTRIBUTION".

One of these diagrams of the human body was located next to the scroll entitled "FAT" and it showed the highlighted areas of "regular distribution" and the second one was located right underneath the first diagram, and it was next to the scroll entitled "Muscle"... it too showed areas of muscle highlighted.

Jeff clicked on the "fat" diagram, clicking on the stomach. When he did this the area became highlighted, and the other areas of highlighting immediately disappeared. The box that once said "REGULAR DISTRUBUTION" now read: "CUSTOM"

Next he clicked on the areas of the muscle diagram, changing the weight from all over body to just his arms, chest and shoulders.

"this should be interesting"

He then clicked the button "APPLY" and the window disappeared. Now back to the older window, Jeff clicked "APPLY" once again, and then he was back to the main page, which listed his weight, age, gender, height, all that stuff.

Except now, under Weight it read:

"WEIGHT: 132, TRANSFORMATION PENDING: click the time to set the change time"

As he scrolled down to the bottom of the long page something caught his mind. He was just staring at his own, now hairy hands. They were fascinating to him, how furry he'd become, his arms, covered with a thick lot of hair... "Maybe..." he thought.

He glanced back down again at his now hairy body, looking from the collar of his shirt down into the vast forest of hair on his chest. He felt his own stubble on his chin... he loved it...

Jeff moved it back up to the section with the "BODY HAIR INDEX". It looked like Jason was only a 14... whereas Jeff was now 18 on that scale... Maybe, he thought, he could improve Jason's body with some additional hair... He chuckled at the thought, realizing that most guys were pretty indifferent to body hair, and many didn’t even want it... Not Jeff, so, he figured, not Jason either... He clicked on the option and up came that old familiar window with the same list:


1) Little or no Body hair
3) Some pubic and auxiliary hair
5) Some leg hair
7) Medium thickness of public and auxiliary hair/medium leg hair (teenager/Caucasian)
10) Some hair on abdomen/some facial hair/medium leg hair
12) Medium thickness of public and auxiliary hair/facial hair/substantial leg hair (adult/Caucasian)
13) Substantial abdominal hair/some chest hair/full facial hair/substantial auxiliary hair.
15) Medium chest hair (adult/Caucasian)
17) Substantial Chest hair/very substantial leg hair/ more than average facial hair
19) Very substantial Chest hair/some back hair/
21) Very substantial chest hair/substantial back hair
23) Substantial shoulder hair/very substantial back hair/full body hair

Jeff decided to change Jason into a solidly hairy guy, but not as hairy as himself, so he typed in 17.

Jeff had everything he wanted to do, so he exited back out into the main window, and scrolled all the way down, again, and pressed: "TIME:"

he set the timer to 10 minutes and pressed "BEGIN"

and so, with that, a little countdown clock appeared, and Jason's fate was sealed. Jeff didn’t know what to do next.. maybe he should go say hi to his older brother? maybe he should do something to himself... first? maybe he should shave again and trim back the hair at the base of his neck? he didn’t know... choices choices....

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