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The Broodmare

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The male werewolf that prowled into the polar bear exhibit was no longer recognizable as her boyfriend Greg, but Brenda knew it was him. His wolflike muzzle, his sleek coat of gray fur, his twitching wolf's tail, his clawed paws and his erect wolfhood announcing his intentions for her all served to excite the female werebear.
The werewolf leaned over her, sniffing at her twat and vast belly and pawing at her eight full breasts as he did so, coaxing a small leak of milk from them. "Pregnant, bitch," growled Greg to his transformed girlfriend.
"That's right, wolf boy," she responded, with a small growling moan as her belly swelled slowly even father outwards. "Doesn't it feel great? The virus inside you, making you hot? Making you want to fuck?" She ran a claw down her belly to her dripping sex.
"Fuck," echoed the virus-corrupted werewolf. "Mate. Need mate... fuck." He began to lick her ursine nipples, suckling at the milk that began to leak from them.
"Mmmph! That feels so good... drink from me, wolf boy," coaxed Branda. "See how huge I'm getting? The... ooohhh... the virus picked me to be the broodmare. I have so many babies inside me, growing so fast! And I want more, wolf boy. I want wolf babies in me! Do it!" She rolled onto her back, spreading her powerful, white-furred legs and arching for him.
Greg kneeled on his furry haunches, grabbed her legs and hauled her forward, impaling her on his wolf rod. The feel of her cunt was familiar even to his virally-infected mind... he was fucking his girlfriend... no, mate... and making her grow large with young. He panted in pleasure at the thought of keeping her hugely pregnant for the rest of her life.
"Oh, fuck me!" roared Brenda, her bear muzzle contorted in pleasure. "More seed! Oh! Oh!" her moans reached a screaming height as she felt her former boyfriend's knot pushing against her opening. "Oh, tie with me! Make me huge!" Greg's knot slowly, agonizingly forced its way into her depth, and she roared with fulfillment.
Greg heard Cameron's voice behind him. "I knew you'd come back to us, buddy," said the humanoid zebra as he stroked himself, watching the mating. His zebra mate was currently pinned under the male werebear that had transformed Brenda and he was growling as he rammed her. She, for her part, was emitting zebralike whinnies of passion. "Isn't it great to feel like this?" asked Cameron, smiling.
"FUCK..." groaned Greg as his knot within Brenda began to pulse. "FUCK... MATE!"
"Oh yeah!" screamed Brenda. "Fill me! Fuck me!" her eyes rolled back as she felt herself seeded again. When she finally regained consciousness from her orgasm, she saw that Greg was still fucking her, holding her sideways now, his seed still flowing into her. "Oh, stud... oh!" she grunted as her belly began to swell out with wolf cubs growing frantically inside her. "The virus really... uh!... did a number on you, didn't it, wolf boy? It's because you... ooh... resisted so much. Not much left of your brain, is there, you dumb cock?" she giggled as Greg thrusted ferally, panting and drooling.
"I get nexties," said Cameron, watching. "I want to see you get some zebras in you."
"Oh my god," screamed Brenda, as her belly grew so large with werebear and werewolf cubs that Greg was having a hard time staying on top of her. "I'm going to be the... best broodmare ever! I'm going to... birth out bears, and wolves, and everything else... and they'll go to other zoos, change when they get older and spread... ugh! The... UGH! VIRUS! YES! THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD WILL BE LIKE THIS!" Her screams reached a fever pitch as she orgasmed a second time and Greg finally fell out of her, leaving her vastly gravid. It would be time for the birthing soon, she knew... she was too big to do anything except lie there, mate, and grow larger with life. She was the breeder, the alpha here, and she felt wonderful. She sighed and growled with anticipation as she felt Cameron moving into position at her pussy. Every cock was a wonderful new experience...

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